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Image de :Discomfort of hot feet : how to relieve?

Discomfort of hot feet : how to relieve?

30 July 2023

It is common to talk about cold feet, heavy legs after a long day, or tingling in the legs - that unpleasant feeling that makes you fidget. Although less well known, hot feet syndrome or burning feet are just as uncomfortable. Walking and even the capacity to focus on a task can be impacted by…

Image de :The different types of foot fungus that can harm your feet

The different types of foot fungus that can harm your feet

9 July 2023

Did you know there are different families of fungi? Not the tasty mushrooms you put in your favourite dishes, but rather the vicious fungi that can harm your feet. Dermatophytosis and onychomycosis are the two types of fungal infections that FootNetwork will introduce to you in this article. Here, we will look at the characteristics…

Image de :How to remove and avoid foot corns

How to remove and avoid foot corns

21 May 2023

Foot corns create a spiky sensation that penetrates the skin. If left untreated, they can develop in sensitive areas of the foot and become very bothersome. However, foot corns can be easily removed, and they can even be avoided. What exactly are foot corns? The thickening of the skin that results from repeated friction is…

Image de :How to treat a jellyfish sting to the foot?

How to treat a jellyfish sting to the foot?

14 May 2023

Although it may seem surprising, jellyfish are growing more widespread, even in lakes and rivers (known as freshwater jellyfish). Therefore, it is crucial to understand what to do if a jellyfish stings your foot. Learn the symptoms of this injury and how to treat it in the article below. Symptoms of a jellyfish sting on…

Image de :Pool chlorine and feet

Pool chlorine and feet

16 April 2023

With the arrival of warm weather and sunshine, the thought of swimming in a pool is quite appealing. Even if the water's coolness is very tempting, it is important to take into account the chemicals added to clean it. Many pools utilize chlorine, which can have negative effects on the skin. Here, we will examine…

Image de :Remedies for swollen feet

Remedies for swollen feet

19 March 2023

Swollen feet are a common and usually harmless occurrence. Common reasons for swollen feet include certain medications, health issues, heat, and prolonged standing. However, there may be other factors for swollen feet. What causes swollen feet? Whether or not swollen feet are visible to the naked eye, they are typically noticed due to their discomfort.…

Image de :Humidity’s impact on the feet

Humidity’s impact on the feet

12 March 2023

Everyone has sweaty feet at some point in life, whether due to perspiration in hot weather, during physical activity, following a shower if they are not dried thoroughly, etc. The effects of wetness on this area of the body can cause some rather uncomfortable issues, although it can initially seem harmless. Below, we will go…

Image de :Prevent cysts under the foot

Prevent cysts under the foot

11 December 2022

A cyst is a cavity containing a clear, viscous fluid that forms on tissues or organs. Under the foot, synovial cysts and epidermoid cysts are the two main types of cysts. The first one, which is more common, is in the joints. It is often benign and self-limiting, but if there is any pain or…

Image de :Can a podiatrist help you with diabetic foot care?

Can a podiatrist help you with diabetic foot care?

6 November 2022

Diabetic foot, as the name implies, is a condition caused by type 1 or type 2 diabetes that causes ulceration or even destruction of the foot tissue. Reduced feeling, varied aches, deformations, and more or less serious infections are all possible outcomes. As a result, it is essential to look after your diabetic foot by…

Image de :Should we file our nails?

Should we file our nails?

30 October 2022

We often hear that filing your nails is preferable to cutting them. Let us say it is a necessary step in routine maintenance that may be performed independently or after trimming the nails for a nice finish. Recommended by professionals, the file can also do damage if it is not clean, not adapted or badly…

Image de :4 Foot Care Practices

4 Foot Care Practices

11 September 2022

Heavy legs, painful feet, calluses... your feet work hard and are put under a lot of pressure in the summer and winter, which is why it is so important to keep them healthy. They, like the skin on your face, hair, and teeth, require specific care and attention every day. We will go over four…

Image de :Causes and treatments for smelly feet and foot sweat

Causes and treatments for smelly feet and foot sweat

9 June 2022

Sweaty feet are a normal phenomenon, but when it becomes a problem, it is possible to determine the causes and find a treatment. What is the function of sweating and why does it cause smelly feet? What causes feet to sweat? Even though sweating in the foot is a normal part of life, it may…

Image de :Exercises to prevent knee pain

Exercises to prevent knee pain

17 April 2022

Knee pain, like back pain, is one of the most frequent ailments that people suffer from. It may strike anyone at any age and in any physical condition. Their severity might make it difficult to carry out daily tasks, but they can be relieved with focused exercises prescribed by a podiatrist. Knee pain prevention via…

Image de :How to get your feet ready for the winter?

How to get your feet ready for the winter?

6 February 2022

How do you get your feet ready for the winter? When the winter weather approaches, this becomes a common question people ask themselves. Even as temperatures drop, it is easy to forget about your feet; because they are less visible, we are less concerned about their condition. However, it is equally necessary to look after…

Image de :How to encourage your teenager to look after their feet

How to encourage your teenager to look after their feet

16 January 2022

It is not always simple to persuade your teenager to take proper care of their feet. However, their feet are unquestionably the most mistreated portion of their body. Teenagers' foot care should be incorporated into their personal hygiene routine. Adolescents go through growth spurts, but did you know that the extremities develop and grow ahead…

Image de :Tips for baby’s first nail trim

Tips for baby’s first nail trim

16 January 2022

Have you given any consideration to your child's first nail trim? Despite the fact that it is a stressful process, it is one that you will have to complete sooner or later. It's natural to be nervous about clipping your newborn's nails because they're so thin and delicate. As a parent, you may be concerned…

Image de :How do I avoid frostbite on my feet this winter?

How do I avoid frostbite on my feet this winter?

22 November 2021

Although most people equate winter with practical annoyances, many overlook the degree to which it can harm one's well being. Of course, there may be more fever and cough, but the bitter cold will also inflict serious frostbite on the feet and hands. Frostbite causes slight swelling and redness of the skin in the first…

Image de :What to do if you get cold feet?

What to do if you get cold feet?

23 October 2021

Do you have cold feet all of the time, regardless of the season or weather? You're not on your own. Many people have cold sensations in their extremities, which are frequently caused by a circulation issue. While it is not harmful in and of itself, it might be a sign of a more serious health…

Image de :What to do about foot corn?

What to do about foot corn?

11 October 2021

All day long, our feet serve us by getting us around, keeping us fit, and maintaining our balance. However, as our steps increase, our feet begin to show wear and tear, so corns and calluses may appear. Corns can become a painful condition, caused by pressure, friction, or misalignment of the feet. Here are some…

Image de :Nail polish : everything you need to know

Nail polish : everything you need to know

10 October 2021

What better way to spend the summer than in lovely sandals with the color of the day painted on your toes? Nail polish is an important element of many people's everyday beauty routines. Is it, however, dangerous to wear it on your toenails all year, and if so, why? Learn more about nail polish and…

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