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Tips and advice from podiatrists

Image de :Toe sprains and dislocations

Toe sprains and dislocations

26 November 2023

While ankle sprains and dislocations are often better known, toes can also be affected. If you've ever forcefully bumped your toe or engage in a sport that involves sudden changes of direction, there's a chance you may have experienced one of these injuries. While they can be very painful, they may resolve on their own.…

Image de :What shoes to choose when suffering from osteoporosis?

What shoes to choose when suffering from osteoporosis?

19 November 2023

Osteoporosis is a disease that weakens the bones and exposes the patient to an increased risk of fractures. To prevent falls and injuries, it is important to choose shoes that stabilize the feet. Let's explore together the types of shoes that are recommended when suffering from osteoporosis. The features of a shoe suitable for osteoporosis…

Image de :The 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Running Shoes

The 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Running Shoes

12 November 2023

Running is a popular sport for which there is a wide variety of shoes available. With increasingly stylish designs, it's easy to be drawn to a pair just for their looks. However, as with many things, beauty isn't everything! To safely enjoy your pastime, let's explore the three mistakes to avoid when buying your running…

Image de :How to Avoid Foot Injuries in Combat Sports?

How to Avoid Foot Injuries in Combat Sports?

5 November 2023

The feet of athletes who engage in combat sports are subjected to significant strain, whether it's for balance, agility, or generating impact. In this context, it becomes clear why preparing them for exertion is essential. But where should one start to prevent injuries? Here are our tips for avoiding foot injuries during your combat sports…

Image de :Medical Imaging in Podiatry

Medical Imaging in Podiatry

29 October 2023

Medical imaging is widely used in podiatric medicine. It serves to identify the source of symptoms, visualize affected tissues, and is even used for taking impressions. For podiatrists, radiography and ultrasound are valuable tools that help develop the best treatment plan for each patient. Let's explore the conditions under which each of these methods finds…

Image de :Foot pains treated by therapeutic laser

Foot pains treated by therapeutic laser

22 October 2023

When they persist, foot pains can seriously impact our daily lives. Fortunately, therapeutic laser is a non-invasive solution for treating joint, muscle, and ligament pains. It involves a light beam applied to the patient's skin by the podiatrist, which aids in the healing of inflamed tissues. Let's explore the benefits of this method for relieving…

Image de :Prevent blisters on your feet

Prevent blisters on your feet

15 October 2023

Foot blisters are unwelcome, painful, soft bumps that form when the skin on your foot rubs against your shoe. You're more susceptible to them if your sports shoes are too tight or if sweat doesn't evaporate properly. However, don't worry; it's not inevitable. Today, we offer you three tips to prevent blister formation during your…

Image de :Foot care to prevent children’s foot pain

Foot care to prevent children’s foot pain

8 October 2023

Taking care of your feet is important at any age, but it is especially crucial during childhood when the feet are still developing. Sometimes, growth occurs without any issues, but other times, children may experience discomfort or pain. The good news is that foot pain in children can be treated and, in some cases, even…

Image de :How to choose the right socks for hiking?

How to choose the right socks for hiking?

1 October 2023

Do you enjoy hiking? In that case, you should consider your choice of socks. While you may have paid attention to properly breathable clothing, good shoes, and perhaps even specialized hiking sticks, have you thought about your socks? Well, they are very important, especially in humid or cold weather. In this article, we will cover…

Image de :Some tips for running in the fall

Some tips for running in the fall

10 September 2023

Your energy levels may be impacted by the changing weather and reduced light as fall approaches. Maintaining a running schedule is a great way to keep both your physical and mental health in top condition. Going outside in the rain or wind, however, can be risky. Here are some tips to help you keep reaping…

Image de :The best types of shoes for fall

The best types of shoes for fall

5 September 2023

Forests turn to warm colours, temperatures drop, humidity increases, and it is still dark when you wake up. It is time to break out the wool and the scarf now that the fall season has arrived. In order to keep enjoying the outdoors, it is also time to consider footwear. Here are some pointers for…

Image de :How to choose the right socks for the fall

How to choose the right socks for the fall

27 August 2023

Quebec's fall season is both stunning and unpredictable. Season of apples and squash as well as lengthy nature hikes, fall is much more enjoyable when you are well-prepared. It is never pleasant to end an outdoor activity early due to inadequate equipment, but untimely rains are frequent. Just as you should think about your fall…

Image de :Does anxiety have an impact on your feet?

Does anxiety have an impact on your feet?

20 August 2023

When you walk, do your feet feel achy, chilly, or even numb? You might have anxiety if you are feeling any of these discomforts. In addition to its psychological effects, anxiety can also lead to a variety of physical issues, the most prevalent of which are palpitations, insomnia, and stomach aches. Anxiety's effects can be…

Image de :Why should you wear socks?

Why should you wear socks?

13 August 2023

Do you know why the vast majority of people wear socks on a daily basis? In this article, we will tell you the reasons why it is recommended to wear socks every day. We will see how donning a pair of socks can improve your hygiene, comfort, and even safety while preserving the health of…

Image de :Barefoot climbing : effects on the feet

Barefoot climbing : effects on the feet

6 August 2023

Climbing is a sport that involves the muscles of the feet, from the toe to the heel. A growing number of climbers are attempting barefoot climbing, even though the majority still engage in this sport while wearing shoes. This calls into question the advantages of barefoot climbing and the dangers to your foot health. What…

Image de :Discomfort of hot feet : how to relieve?

Discomfort of hot feet : how to relieve?

30 July 2023

It is common to talk about cold feet, heavy legs after a long day, or tingling in the legs - that unpleasant feeling that makes you fidget. Although less well known, hot feet syndrome or burning feet are just as uncomfortable. Walking and even the capacity to focus on a task can be impacted by…

Image de :How to choose the right climbing shoes?

How to choose the right climbing shoes?

23 July 2023

Climbing is an activity that can be very demanding on your feet. That's why it's important to have the right footwear to protect them. Climbing shoes are designed to accommodate all of the requirements involved in this sport. Let's take a look at the different types of climbing shoes in terms of their characteristics and…

Image de :Some exercises to relax your feet

Some exercises to relax your feet

16 July 2023

Your feet carry you everywhere you go, so it's only fair that they get tired at some point. Treat them to a bit of relaxation! Your feet will not only be grateful for it, but they will also be able to resist better and even prevent various ailments. Let's take a look at how stretching…

Image de :The different types of foot fungus that can harm your feet

The different types of foot fungus that can harm your feet

9 July 2023

Did you know there are different families of fungi? Not the tasty mushrooms you put in your favourite dishes, but rather the vicious fungi that can harm your feet. Dermatophytosis and onychomycosis are the two types of fungal infections that FootNetwork will introduce to you in this article. Here, we will look at the characteristics…

Image de :Choosing the best CrossFit shoes

Choosing the best CrossFit shoes

25 June 2023

Are you familiar with CrossFit? This activity combines endurance, weightlifting, and gymnastics. It is practiced in most gyms and fitness centers and is used to attract a majority of men. Today, many women are also interested. FootNetwork would like to make you aware of the injuries that can occur to your feet during these sports…

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