Tips for choosing the right sports shoes for your child

Updated on 10 May 2023

Tips for choosing the right sports shoes for your child

How do you pick the best sports shoes for your child? How to choose between the child’s preferences and the imperatives of growth and development?

Here are a few pointers to help you select the best sports shoes for your child, regardless of their activity.

Selection criteria for a child’s sports shoes

Finding the appropriate size is the most crucial consideration in shoe selection. As a result, you should not buy the shoes without your child first trying them on. It is incorrect to believe that a shoe will adapt to the wearer. Also, don’t buy a larger size in the hopes that your child would wear them for a longer period of time. The foot should neither slip or rub against the inside of the shoe, nor should it be excessively tight.

Put on both feet when trying on shoes. Choose the bigger size if there is a significant variation in size.

Remove the insole and lay the child’s foot on it to determine the size. Once the heel is appropriately positioned, the distance between the longest toe and the end of the sole should be no more than one centimeter.

If removing the sole is not feasible, have your kid stand. You should be able to slip your index finger over the back of his or her heel while they wiggle the toes. Finally, there should be no pressure spots under your child’s foot.

Allow your child to walk, and perhaps run, in his or her new shoes. Take note of the variations in the gait. Be cautious, since a child who has a crush on a pair of shoes may not tell you if he or she is not completely comfortable wearing them. 

Choosing a good child’s sport shoe

Select a sports shoe that is suitable for your child’s activity. If the shoe is for a certain sport, go to a specialized store to get the proper shoes.

Your child, however, may require a multi-purpose shoe that he or she will wear all day, at school, on the playground, and during gym class. In this situation, a multi-sport model is preferable. What matters is that the sole is thick and well-padded. Multi-sport shoes, like basketball shoes, give the most ankle support. You’ll also want a shoe that’s composed of breathable material and is easy to clean.

If your child sprints around like a storm, look for running shoes that are better suited to that sort of action.

Whatever shoe type you choose, it should be flexible enough to allow the foot muscles to function and strengthen. Make certain that the back brace is firm enough not to bend inward.

Consequences of a poor choice of sports shoes for the child

It might be tempting to put your child in shoes previously worn by older siblings or friends. It is vital to realize that each child’s growing foot develops differently. Their walking style will eventually influence their shoes. Because of this, they would not suit other little feet.

A child who wears an ill-fitting shoe will be uncomfortable and potentially in pain. If your kid has a propensity to tiptoe or lacks balance, it might be due to an ill-fitting shoe. The kid may ultimately develop biomechanical issues and require the services of a podiatrist.

The importance of a good sports shoe for your child

Children, as we all know, grow up quickly, and shoes don’t last long. As a parent, you always feel the need to purchase new ones. So having two pairs is a smart idea; one for school days and the other for sports and leisure. You may avoid early wear and tear on a decent pair of children’s sneakers this way.

If you need help deciding on a sports shoe for your child, do not hesitate to contact a PiedReseau podiatrist. Also, if you believe your child’s foot growth is being jeopardized, don’t be afraid to speak with them.

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