How do we cure chronic Achilles tendonitis?

Updated on 10 May 2023

How do we cure chronic Achilles tendonitis?

For many people, running and cycling are essential activities for health and well being. However, they can also cause pain and discomfort. Achilles tendonitis is an example of such discomfort. 

Do you experience tendon pain after playing sports? And does this feeling of discomfort seem to get worse after each cycling or running activity? You may be suffering from chronic Achilles tendonitis! 
Taking fast and effective action will reduce the risk of your tendonitis becoming more serious and affecting your mobility. Here is some important information you need to know to succeed!

Applying taping for your chronic Achilles tendonitis 

It is common for many runners and cyclists to suffer from chronic inflammation of the tendon. To reduce the effects of this pathology, taping is an essential part of the treatment! 

The bandage (or taping) exerts compression in order to support the tendon and avoid the risk of recurrence. Athletes with tendonitis problems can benefit greatly from proper taping with good tension to control inflammation. 
Here is a video that demonstrates the procedure.

Running and cycling: is it possible with chronic Achilles tendonitis?

Injury is unfortunately one of the risks associated with running and cycling. And when pain occurs, it is advisable to stop exercising to allow your body time to heal properly. 

Many athletes make the mistake of resuming physical activity too quickly. Indeed, chronic tendinitis does not necessarily limit physical activity at first glance. But because it develops slowly, it eventually gets worse.

As a result, tendinitis becomes more painful and limits you in your sports activities. Below are some tips on how to resume sports activities with confidence: 

● Stop exercising for a few weeks. 

● Consult a podiatrist.

● Apply ice to the affected area. 

And above all, when you start exercising again, don’t overdo it. A gradual return to sports is necessary.

The best stretching exercises to relieve chronic Achilles tendonitis

To quickly return to your normal activities after suffering from tendonitis and avoid the risk of recurrence, there are several stretching exercises that can help you. Incorporate them into your stretching routine after running or cycling!

Stretching exercise: 

● Face a wall.

● Lean forward slowly and support yourself with your arms. 

● Keep your leg straight and your heels on the ground. 

● Hold for about 20 seconds, then repeat 3 times. 

Strengthening exercise: 

● Place your forefoot on the edge of a step with your hands along a wall.

● Keep your leg straight and pull your forefoot up gently.

● Then slowly lower your forefoot back down.

● Vary the speed as you progress.

Repeat these exercises on a daily basis within your limits and you will maximize your chances of getting back into the sport quickly. More importantly, consult a professional to ensure that you are performing the right stretches to suit your needs.

How much rest time do you need to treat your chronic Achilles tendonitis?

When tendinitis is chronic, it usually takes between 1 and 3 months before you can resume cycling or running activities. However, rest time varies from case to case and you should consult a podiatrist to find out the most appropriate rest time required.

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