How can orthotics help my bunions?

Updated on 24 May 2024

How can orthotics help my bunions?

Bunions, also called hallux valgus, appear in the form of a deformation of the big toe, often appearing as a bump.

While a bunion may seem unimportant at first, it can become painful and a serious problem if appropriate measures are not taken quickly to treat it. In fact, the bump can increase in size and become a real handicap to your daily routine.

Here is some important information about this foot condition:

  • Hallux valgus affects women 10 times more often than men.
  • The causes of bunions include wearing shoes that are too tight, or the aging of foot bones.
  • Joint or inflammatory pain may result from bunions.

A custom-made orthosis is often effective in fighting bunions.

Why is a foot orthosis a good solution to get rid of bunions? Let’s take a closer look at some of the advantages.

A plantar orthosis can reduce the angle of your big toe

A custom-made foot orthosis acts in the same was as as taking anti-inflammatory medication or sessions with a physiotherapist. In fact, it can reduce the angle of the big toe if used properly.

An orthosis restores movement and stability to your foot, thereby reducing the swelling of your toe. In some cases, a special brace must be worn at night to allow the foot orthosis to continue working.

An orthosis decreases the pressure

A custom-made orthosis matches the shape of your foot perfectly. It is designed with a mould called the metatarsal dome, installed on the long bones of the foot.

Once installed, this dome reduces the pressure on your foot in a shoe, reducing pain and allowing for optimal healing. The metatarsus is the most important part of your foot, so it is important to reduce pressure on it as much as possible.

Orthoses can help before or after surgery

Wearing orthoses helps to prepare your foot for surgery and to properly recover after surgery. In fact, before and after surgery, your forefoot may be more stressed than usual when you are walking or moving about.

A plantar orthosis helps to compensate somewhat for these great efforts made by your feet. This will help improve your gait and increase your chances of optimal recovery before and after bunion surgery.

Following surgery, you may need to wear a different orthosis than the one you wore prior to surgery. Sometimes the structure of your foot will have changed so much after the procedure that you will have to adjust accordingly.

Visit your podiatrist to maximize your orthoses’ results

A bunion on your foot is an unpleasant problem that must be taken seriously. By seeking the expert assistance of a podiatrist quickly, you will avoid many unnecessary complications and pain.

A custom-made orthosis is commonly used to treat hallux valgus issues and is a proven solution, both before and after surgery.

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