Why do you wake up with foot pain?

Updated on 15 March 2024

Why do you wake up with foot pain?

Do you sometimes wake up with foot discomfort for no apparent reason? This issue affects a lot of people. However, figuring out the cause of this problem and where it came from is not always straightforward. In this article, we offer some theories as to the possible origins of the infamous and unpleasant morning foot pain.

Plantar fasciitis and morning foot pain

Plantar fasciitis occurs in the plantar fascia (tissue located between the heel and the forefoot), caused by a stretch, micro-tears or a rupture in the arch of the foot. It is one of the primary culprits of foot pain in the morning (a sensation of heat, ache, or tingling), which is felt especially in the heel area as soon as you take your first steps.

Getting up suddenly after spending a long time sitting in a chair or applying pressure on the affected area can also cause plantar fasciitis.

It is vital to treat this ailment at the earliest signs, as it has a strong tendency to worsen with time. Wearing supportive footwear, particularly during sports, and performing specific stretches after each activity are advised to reduce the risk of developing plantar fasciitis pain.

Ill-fitting shoes and morning foot pain

It goes without saying that wearing appropriate shoes is crucial while engaging in sports activities, especially running. Wearing shoes that are not suitable for training can cause foot pain in the morning. You will then feel, more or less regularly, a sensation of pain and numbness in the foot when you wake up the day after your workout.

In the case of running, it is crucial to wear shoes that are suited for your morphology and sport. Select footwear that fits correctly, is comfortable and provides the best arch support possible. Instead of going to a trendy model, look for your running shoes in a specialized store.

Being overweight and morning foot pain

Because the heavy load carried throughout the day is felt in the evening but especially in the morning, being overweight can also be a possible explanation for waking up with foot pain. Making an appointment with a podiatrist to have foot orthoses prescribed in this situation can be a good idea. These will support the foot and assist in distributing the body’s weight.

Hallux rigidus and morning foot pain

Another issue that might cause foot pain in the morning is hallux rigidus. This condition is caused by a blockage in the big toe joint, which leads not only to foot pain but also to heel, ankle and knee pain. To prevent irreparable harm, it is crucial to treat it as soon as the first signs show up is crucial. To do this, a visit to a podiatrist is necessary, as he or she will be able to perform various tests (stretch test, biomechanical examination and x-ray) to determine whether it is indeed a hallux rigidus.

The patient will need to wear orthopedic insoles as well as shoes with a cradle in the forefoot that does not squeeze the foot to stop the condition from getting worse. In addition, they should stretch and stay away from activities that place extra strain on their big toe.

Knowing the source of your morning foot pain will help you eliminate it

There are numerous reasons why someone could wake up with foot pain, including the most common ones listed in this article. Even if it might seem insignificant, it is crucial to pay attention to your body and not allow this pain to persist so that it does not worsen. Knowing what is causing and where the pain is coming from will help you find solutions to the issue. Make an appointment right away at the FootNetwork clinic next to you if you experience discomfort the moment you set foot on the ground in the morning.

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