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Excision or surgery of soft tissue and foreign bodies

Last update: 1 November 2019

Excision or surgery of soft tissue and foreign bodies

Excision (or surgery of soft tissue and foreign bodies)

Soft tissue removal can be performed easily at the clinic. This operation can be performed on a nail, toes or the foot. Excision is often performed when a foreign body has become lodged in your foot (an object, glass, metal, wood, etc.) or a lesion requires complete removal and has become too large for a simple biopsy. Your podiatrist can remove and send any lesion that bothers you for a pathology report.

By choosing this option, your PiedRéseau clinic can provide you with:

  • An accurate diagnosis of the lesion
  • Long-lasting relief
  • A preventive approach (avoid infection to the lesion)
  • Good follow-up at the clinic


Soft tissue removal is generally done under local anaesthesia. Stitches may be required.

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