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Tips and tricks before wearing new shoes

Updated on 18 June 2024

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You’ve found the ideal shoe, but your foot is uncomfortable? Wearing new shoes can be inconvenient, cause friction, and result in blisters or even pain in the feet. Fortunately, new shoes can be fitted to your feet without distorting them. These tips and tricks will show you how to make your new shoes more flexible and roomy.

Tip 1: Wear your new shoes at home

It is strongly advised that you wear your new shoes at home to keep them supple, whether they are closed-toe shoes, pumps, sandals, or running shoes. This easy method will allow them to conform to the contour of your foot without causing you any pain or compromising your comfort.

Wear your new shoes while cooking, cleaning, or watching your favorite television show. This is the suggested approach for gradually widening the shoe without causing damage to it or your foot.

Wear your new shoes for brief amounts of time – initially, around 10 minutes, multiple times a day to become accustomed to them. The shoe will progressively conform to the contour of your foot in this manner. You may gradually increase the length of time you wear them as the days pass, finally wearing them for one or two hours at a time. The shoe should be more flexible at this stage and ready for its first big journey!

If you can’t wear them at home, you can take them to work with you to gently tame them while you work. Your shoes will have plenty of time to relax and adapt to your feet if you wear them under the desk.
Do you have corns or calluses that make it difficult to enjoy your shoes? For possible treatment, it is advisable to visit a foot care specialist.

Tip 2: Wear thick socks to loosen your new shoes

Are your shoes a little too tight? It’s time to bring out the winter-sports-specific warm socks. Put on your socks and shoes and take a walk around the house. The shoes should be able to expand as a result of being worn with the socks.

To loosen tight leather shoes, you may also use a hair dryer. The leather should loosen up after a few minutes of heat. Heat the problem regions of the shoe, but avoid getting too close to the leather.

Again, feel free to wear your thick socks to work to soften your new shoes invisibly.

Tip 3: Enlarge your new shoes for more comfort

Did you know that you may gently extend your new shoes to make extra room for your feet? In reality, there are a number of things you may perform at home to increase the size of your shoes without causing damage to them:

  • Allow your shoes to rest overnight after stuffing them with newspaper curled into a ball. This will gradually soften and stretch the shoes.
  • Place shoes in the freezer with water bags. Fill two freezer bags half full with water, insert into shoes, seal in a plastic bag, and freeze overnight. The cold water will mold the shoe to its form. Allow around 20 minutes for it to defrost before putting on your new shoes!

You’ll be able to soften and use your new shoes in comfort with these tips and methods and a little patience. If in doubt, bring a pair of diachylons or even a replacement pair of shoes with you on your next adventure. Your feet will be grateful!

Do you have foot pain? Seek expert advice

What if your new shoes continue to irritate your feet? Contact one of our podiatrist specialists if you have chronic foot, back, ankle, or leg discomfort. PiedRéseau has over 40 clinics around Quebec. Make an appointment at a clinic near you now.

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