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How can you prevent foot perspiration?

Updated on 24 May 2024

Image de :How can you prevent foot perspiration?

Foot perspiration is a common problem that many want to avoid. Whether it is to improve your personal comfort or avoid any embarrassment due to unpleasant foot odours, there are several options available to help manage foot perspiration.

Here are a few tips to help you fight foot perspiration and avoid unpleasant odours.


Good hygiene is important to help you avoid foot odours. Take the time to wash your feet in the shower with soap and water, and dry them thoroughly after showering. Pay particular attention to the region in between your toes.

If you have a major issue with foot perspiration, don’t hesitate to wash your feet twice daily. The best way is to soak your feet in a solution of warm water and antibacterial foot soap. This will help eliminate any unpleasant odours!  

Proper shoes to stop foot perspiration

The choice of your footwear has an impact on how your feet perspire and result in unpleasant odours. Canvas and leather footwear models breathe the most. Those made of synthetic materials like rubber are to be avoided because they offer no ventilation for your feet. When it comes to soles, choose odour-resistant soles that can be removed from the footwear and cleaned easily.

Another good idea is to have several pairs of shoes. People dealing with foot perspiration issues should not wear the same shoes every day. This ensures you avoid having to wear wet or damp shoes that would only aggravate perspiration issues.

In addition, when weather permits, choose light, open-toed shoes that will help dissipate sweat and keep your feet dry.

Also ensure you choose shoes that are comfortable for your feet. Tired feet or feet that are too constricted tend to perspire more!

Choosing socks and nylon stockings

It is important to wear clean socks to avoid unpleasant odours and foot perspiration. If necessary, you can even change your socks during the day to ensure your feet stay dry! Wash your socks in hot water to kill any microbes that result in unpleasant odours.

On the manufacturing side, socks made from natural materials, like cotton, bamboo or wool, are the best choice because they allow the feet to breathe, in addition to absorbing any excess perspiration. As for nylon stockings, those made from Lycra, Spandex, polyester and polypropylene are the best choice for your feet!

There are also what’s known as ‘intelligent’ socks, with deodorizing, purifying, antibacterial and moisture-wicking properties.

Products to keep on hand to prevent foot perspiration

There are several products available at your local pharmacy that are designed to help control your foot perspiration problem. The best solution is to combine a foot antiperspirant with a deodorant. This will help you control or reduce perspiration and manage unpleasant odours. These different products are available in the form of a gel, powder, vaporizer, cream and atomizer.

Below are some readily available solutions

Saltwater foot baths

Saltwater foot baths can reduce your foot perspiration problem. Use a solution similar to seawater by adding 2 tablespoons of sea salt to each liter of water, and then soak your feet 1 to 2 times a day for 15 to 30 minutes. Your feet should become dryer after several days if this method is suitable for your feet.  

Powerful over-the-counter antiperspirants

Some effective antiperspirants are available over-the-counter at our pharmacies. Ask your pharmacist for advice on the best treatment available for your feet.

Absorbent and antiperspirant powders

Some powders sold at the pharmacy are specifically designed to fight unpleasant odours and absorb or reduce excessive perspiration. Once again, it’s a good idea to ask your pharmacist about the various products available.

Homemade powder recipe for your feet

A homemade mixture of equal amounts of baking soda and cornstarch can be an interesting and easily available alternative. Add 1 or 2 drops of essential oil for odour protection at the same time!

Are you tired of dealing with foot perspiration?

If the tips and advice presented above do not allow you to manage your foot odour and perspiration adequately, do not hesitate to consult a podiatrist. Some people may suffer from excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) and need special treatments, just like those who suffer from conditions such as plantar warts and nail fungus.D

Consult your podiatrist.

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