Biomechanical exam

Biomechanical exam

Comprehensive biomechanical examinations are carried out in a podiatric clinic in order to make an accurate diagnosis of your condition. It is thus possible to establish the best possible treatment plan. During your visit, podiatric doctors who provide advanced expertise will evaluate you.

A complete examination done in a podiatric clinic includes:

Foot exam in action (while walking)

This exam allows us to:

  • properly assess your foot’s movement
  • identify the biomechanical pathologies in action
  • better understand the behaviour of your body and your feet
  • validate the biomechanical pathologies identified during your foot exam

This in-depth examination of your foot is absolutely necessary to understand your overall biomechanics.

Examination of the foot without load (sitting position)

This exam allows us to:

  • properly evaluate the movement of the joints of your feet
  • identify the various biomechanical pathologies of your joints
  • evaluate the axes of movement of your foot in a distinct way and to isolate the one that causes a problem
  • validate the pathologies identified while walking
  • identify joint degradation, limitations and osteoarthritis
  • identify and properly assess the source of your pain
  • make a correlation between all the steps of a good biomechanical evaluation of your foot

Postural imaging of the foot and/or body

This technique allows us to:

  • increase the precision of the evaluation
  • conduct a better documented follow-up of your progress
  • make very accurate angle measurements
  • identify the distribution of plantar contact in the standing position
  • better validate the examinations conducted

Customized molds of your foot

The series of exams mentioned above allows us to make a custom molding of your foot and to ensure you receive an orthosis that meets your needs.

Molding is the crucial step in orthopedic treatment. This is the most important manufacturing aspect of the orthosis.

For best results, make sure that the mold is made by a podiatrist. A podiatrist is the best professional to consult to ensure the health of your feet.

Entrust the biomechanical examination of your foot to a podiatric clinic.