How can we prevent nail fungus infection?

Updated on 24 May 2024

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Nail fungus, also called onychomycosis, is a fungal infection of the toenail. It can affect one or more nails simultaneously, and affects approximately 6.5% of the Canadian population. Diabetics or people with a weaker immune system may be particularly at risk.

Foot hygiene is closely linked to fungal infections. To avoid suffering from this unpleasant fungal infection, it is important to take care when it comes to proper foot maintenance.

Nail fungus is a condition that can cause pain and interfere with your daily activities. It’s important to understand certain hygiene practices in order to prevent this problem!

Keep your feet dry

Because our feet are often in a hot and humid environment, fungus causing mycosis occurs more often. That’s why you should adopt the following practices to prevent infection:

  • Wear socks and shoes that reduce humidity as much as possible
  • Dry your feet after wearing shoes
  • Change your socks regularly, especially on hot days

These practices are part of an important routine to ensure good foot hygiene. This will help to minimize the risk of developing nail fungus.

Keep your nails short, and neat

Cutting your toenails is fine, but you have to do it properly.

In fact, cutting your toenails properly prevents many risks of infection that can lead to fungal infections. Adopt the following measures to ensure proper foot hygiene:

  • Wash your feet before trimming your nails.
  • When trimming, follow the natural shape of your nails.
  • Avoid cutting too short.
  • File your nails after cutting to ensure a beautiful finish.

Cutting your toenails properly may seem simple, but if not done correctly it can lead to errors that can affect hygiene and comfort. If in doubt, do not hesitate to ask your podiatrist if you are doing it the right way.

If you are diabetic, ensure that you monitor your mycosis

Diabetic nail fungus is a fairly common problem. In fact, it is estimated that nearly 30% of diabetics experience it. Those with diabetes need to consult a doctor quickly because their symptoms are more likely to become more serious faster than others.

Excess sugar in their bodies causes problems with blood circulation, making it easier for feet to become infected. Because their nerves are affected, diabetics may not detect foot pain caused by fungal infections.

If you are diabetic and have doubts about the healthy condition of your feet, you should book a consultation immediately, even if you are not in pain.

The podiatrist, your specialist to prevent and treat foot mycosis

The treatment of onychomycosis is important when all other homemade treatments have failed.

Don’t wait for your condition to worsen, consult a podiatrist without delay to obtain the appropriate treatment for your condition.

Do you want to beat mycosis or other foot conditions? Don’t wait to book an appointment with your nearest PiedRéseau clinic!

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