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Image de :Treatment of foot pain by the podiatrist

Treatment of foot pain by the podiatrist

Foot pain can appear in many ways and cause many accompanying symptoms every day. Thanks to the high level of the podiatrist's expertise, however, you can count on treatment that is completely customized to your needs and condition. These professionals possess the latest technology to treat your pain quickly and accurately. It is the podiatrist's…

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Image de :2D and 3D digital imaging

2D and 3D digital imaging

Foot digitization consists of capturing the imprint of the feet using various devices to establish an accurate diagnosis. This technique is particularly useful when it comes to designing custom-made plantar orthotics.  2D impressions are taken using a podograph. A kind of pressure-sensitive cushion, a scan or a mirror, the podograph detects and shows a perfect…

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Image de :Nail culture : importance, advantages and procedure

Nail culture : importance, advantages and procedure

Nail culture consists of taking nail and skin fragments from under a nail that appears to be affected by a fungus. The main purpose of this procedure is to rule out a diagnosis of various pathologies comparable to fungal toenail disease.  Examples include eczema or psoriasis, which may have similar symptoms but do not require…

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Image de :Foot ultrasound imaging

Foot ultrasound imaging

Foot ultrasound A musculo-skeletal ultrasound of the foot is a medical imaging technique used to examine pathologies that affect soft tissues such as ligaments, tendons, nerves and muscles. Complementary to the clinical examination, a foot ultrasound provides an accurate diagnosis and is used to design a more structured treatment plan for patients. Foot ultrasound at…

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Image de :Digital radiography of the foot

Digital radiography of the foot

Digital radiography of the feet Digital radiography of the feet is performed at a clinic. This technique creates a medical image using X-rays to view the foot’s bone and joint structure. With just one visit, digital imaging allows the podiatrist to make a rapid and accurate diagnosis of any issues affecting the feet.

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Image de :Evaluating Children’s Feet

Evaluating Children’s Feet

Evaluating children's feet Children’s bone structure remains malleable until the growth process is complete. Having your children’s feet evaluated by a competent foot care professional will ensure proper management of any foot pathology that may worsen over the years. Thus, when taken care of early enough, it is possible to improve your child’s postural development…

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Image de :Biomechanical exam : symptoms and treatments

Biomechanical exam : symptoms and treatments

Comprehensive biomechanical examinations Comprehensive biomechanical examinations are carried out in a podiatric clinic in order to make an accurate diagnosis of your condition. It is thus possible to establish the best possible treatment plan. During your visit, podiatric doctors who provide advanced expertise will evaluate you. A complete examination done in a podiatric clinic includes:

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Image de :Postural evaluation with CryoVizion

Postural evaluation with CryoVizion

Postural evaluation is a valuable tool for a complete and accurate evaluation. This computer-assisted system analyzes the light reflected by the body in order to detect any anatomical variations indicative of various pathologies of the feet and the body, without the use of radiation, waves or any other processes that may be harmful to your…

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