Foot Care

Foot Care

A podiatrist can offer you a wide range of treatments for the care of your feet. The podiatrist’s team can propose several basic treatments, from trimming thick, healthy, discolored or painful nails, to the treatment of corns and calluses.

Foot care offered by the podiatrist

The podiatrist and his/her team of nurses and auxiliary nurses specializing in foot care are able to offer you complete foot care service. A podiatrist will do an evaluation of your feet during all visits in order to detect any abnormalities that could affect you.

Why a podiatry clinic

Doing business with a multidisciplinary clinic ensures you receive complete care for your feet, care developed and provided by our many professionals. You will also be reassured without any risk because all the equipment is thoroughly clean and sterilized.

In the clinic, it is also possible to have access to foot baths or pre-treatment with specialized emollients to enhance your visit. You will also be assured that you will receive treatment without any risk, as all equipment is thoroughly clean and sterilized.

Do you have onychomycosis (nail fungus), claw nails, ingrown toenails or cracked heels? A podiatrist may prescribe specialized creams and medications for both the treatment and prevention of these problems.

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