When, why, and to whom should you donate your shoes?

Updated on 25 March 2023

When, why, and to whom should you donate your shoes?

We wear shoes all of our lives, but what do we do with them once they’ve served their purpose? Is it possible to give your old shoes or boots to charity? Yes, as long as they are in excellent working order. Healthy feet are built on the foundation of wearing comfortable shoes that are well-suited to your activity. Find out when and why you should discard your shoes, as well as who you should give them to.

When should you give away your shoes?

Are all of your shoes comfortable? Do any of them still suit your feet and the activities you participate in? If you have hammertoes or a bunion, for example, some shoes may worsen your problem. Consult a podiatrist in this situation to determine which shoe styles are acceptable. Wearing the correct shoes can help you maintain excellent posture and keep your feet healthy.

There are several reasons to get rid of shoes or boots, in addition to foot health and comfort:

A new season means a new look. Some people like to update their wardrobe and get rid of accessories that no longer suit their taste, whether it’s a matter of trends or bargain shopping. Why retain shoes or boots you don’t use anymore but that someone else might like?

The children have grown. It’s time to clear out your closets and gather all of your out-of-season sandals, running shoes, and boots.

Our feet have evolved. Well, sure, the form of your foot changes as you get older. It’s better to say goodbye to shoes that don’t fit in this instance.

Our footwear is no longer appropriate for our activity. If you’re a runner, you’re aware that your running shoes need to be replaced after a specific amount of kilometers (600 to 800 km). Running shoes that have lost some of their cushioning and studs can be given away.

It’s time to clean out. Sorting and decluttering is still essential. Take advantage of this chance to look through all of your closets and discover all of the shoes you no longer wear.

What’s the point of donating your shoes?

Someone’s old shoes are another’s joy. Instead of tossing away a pair of shoes that no longer fit, consider donating them. This benefits both the environment and individuals in need. Running shoes, in particular, are in great demand all the time. Despite the fact that these shoes have lost some of their shine and offer less cushioning, they are still a good fit for non-marathon runners.

What condition should the shoes be in?

To maintain your feet in excellent health and avoid damage, you should change your shoes on a regular basis. Before you get rid of a pair of shoes, check sure they’re still in good shape and usable. Shoes should be clean and free of holes or rips.

Tie the shoes together with the laces or an elastic band when giving them away.

To whom may I give away my shoes?

There are several groups around the province that take old shoes in good condition. Look into local community groups.

You may also make a donation to a cause that is meaningful to you. For example, the Club de trail de Montréal collects worn running shoes and distributes them to the Maison du père, which assists homeless individuals. Similarly, if you have any fashionable women’s shoes that have never been used, you may donate them to Les fées marraines, a charity that assists young girls from low-income families obtain the right prom outfit.

Finally, you may donate your old shoes to a charity by dropping them off at the Renaissance thrift store or one of the numerous donation boxes located throughout the city.

What should you do if your feet are hurting?

Don’t be hesitant to give a pair of beloved shoes to the next person, whether it’s for environmental reasons or to give them a second life! Please note that if you are experiencing discomfort or pain in your feet, you should see a podiatrist who can advise you on the best course of action.

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