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Your first podiatrist appointment

Updated on 18 June 2024

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When you arrive at a vehicle maintenance appointment prepared, you will always get the most out of it. For instance, if there’s an odd noise coming from your car and you come in when it is happening, the mechanic will know what to do; just tell them when it happened and where it appears to be coming from.

Seeing as your feet are your means of transportation, it is just as crucial, if not more so, to arrange an appointment with your podiatrist. Although the expert you consult is your ally, providing as much information as possible regarding the cause of your visit will help them give you proper guidance. Here’s how to get ready for your podiatrist appointment.

Is it important to prepare for a podiatrist consultation?

Preparing for your appointment with the podiatrist benefits both you and the expert who will see you. To begin, understand that podiatry clinics are often private, so there is no need to go via your doctor; instead, you may pick the podiatric clinic that best matches your needs, such as its proximity.

Consider your podiatric consultation not just as a health checkup, but also as a chance to meet someone new. What would you have to say to them for them to pick the right tools to treat you? Start by describing the problem, including the severity of your foot pain, whether it is a muscle, joint, or skin pain; when it became bothersome enough to schedule a podiatrist appointment; what treatments you are taking, including those that are not directly related to your foot health; and, finally, which professionals you have previously consulted. If you have back pain or posture issues, you should talk about those as well, as they may be connected to the state of your feet.

Preparing for your podiatric consultation will save you time, improve your communication, and guarantee that you receive the best possible treatment. You will provide the podiatrist a solid idea of the recurrence of your next sessions and, if required, the therapeutic material (such as foot orthotics) that they will have to adjust according to the progression of the problem by targeting the specific points to be treated. 

Is a follow-up podiatrist consultation the same as the first?

Should the follow-up podiatric visit be scheduled in the same manner as the first?

Your initial visit to the podiatrist most likely resulted in a treatment plan tailored to your needs: foot orthoses, exercises, cream to apply, or medicine to take. The second consultation will be set at a reasonable distance from the first to allow you to fully appreciate the prescription’s effects. Given these factors, the second meeting will focus on the changes you have noticed in your condition. Any lifestyle changes, such as the initiation of a new sport, the advent of new joint discomfort, or the use of new shoes, should be mentioned.

Preparation: knowing your feet or having questions to ask?

Lastly, how do you put your podiatric preparation into action?

Staying tuned to your sensations and noting what you feel is the best method to achieve this. When you have foot discomfort, you should see a podiatrist as soon as possible. If these observations cause you concern, bring them up during your podiatric checkup. Do you have a specific medical problem? This is a good place to start because chronic disorders, such as diabetes, can have an impact on your feet’s health.

From a practical standpoint, you may want to bring a certain type of shoe to the session if your problem only occurs when you wear it. The podiatrist will be able to recommend more appropriate shoes or prescribe custom-made foot orthotics for you.

Make sure your feet are clean and dry, and that no products have been applied to them. You may wish to discuss any products you have used on your foot (ointment, cream) during the visit.

Finally, if you have had recent health exams and have prescriptions or medical images with you, the podiatrist will have a better understanding of your situation and be able to assist you more efficiently.

Prepare for your podiatrist appointment

Now that you know how to improve your foot health, the next step is to choose the proper podiatry clinic for you. PiedRéseau’s network of podiatry clinics spans the province, so come check out our directory if you’re considering your next appointment.

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