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Image de :Some tips for running in the fall

Some tips for running in the fall

10 September 2023

Your energy levels may be impacted by the changing weather and reduced light as fall approaches. Maintaining a running schedule is a great way to keep both your physical and mental health in top condition. Going outside in the rain or wind, however, can be risky. Here are some tips to help you keep reaping…

Image de :The best types of shoes for fall

The best types of shoes for fall

5 September 2023

Forests turn to warm colours, temperatures drop, humidity increases, and it is still dark when you wake up. It is time to break out the wool and the scarf now that the fall season has arrived. In order to keep enjoying the outdoors, it is also time to consider footwear. Here are some pointers for…

Image de :How to choose the right socks for the fall

How to choose the right socks for the fall

27 August 2023

Quebec's fall season is both stunning and unpredictable. Season of apples and squash as well as lengthy nature hikes, fall is much more enjoyable when you are well-prepared. It is never pleasant to end an outdoor activity early due to inadequate equipment, but untimely rains are frequent. Just as you should think about your fall…

Image de :Does anxiety have an impact on your feet?

Does anxiety have an impact on your feet?

20 August 2023

When you walk, do your feet feel achy, chilly, or even numb? You might have anxiety if you are feeling any of these discomforts. In addition to its psychological effects, anxiety can also lead to a variety of physical issues, the most prevalent of which are palpitations, insomnia, and stomach aches. Anxiety's effects can be…

Image de :Why should you wear socks?

Why should you wear socks?

13 August 2023

Do you know why the vast majority of people wear socks on a daily basis? In this article, we will tell you the reasons why it is recommended to wear socks every day. We will see how donning a pair of socks can improve your hygiene, comfort, and even safety while preserving the health of…

Image de :Discomfort of hot feet : how to relieve?

Discomfort of hot feet : how to relieve?

30 July 2023

It is common to talk about cold feet, heavy legs after a long day, or tingling in the legs - that unpleasant feeling that makes you fidget. Although less well known, hot feet syndrome or burning feet are just as uncomfortable. Walking and even the capacity to focus on a task can be impacted by…

Image de :How to bandage the foot and when to use it

How to bandage the foot and when to use it

28 May 2023

Foot bandage is typically applied to sprains. In order to lessen swelling brought on by the trauma entails immobilizing or restricting the movement of an injured area by wrapping it in an elastic bandage. Bandaging can be done at home by the injured person or in a clinic by a healthcare professional. Foot bandaging may…

Image de :How does cycling impact your feet?

How does cycling impact your feet?

10 May 2023

People of different ages and physical abilities enjoy cycling as a recreational activity. While there are many positive health benefits associated with cycling, the activity is not without its drawbacks, particularly to the feet. Let us look at the various impacts and treatments for foot pain if you cycle as part of your workout routine.…

Image de :How to take good care of your feet when at the beach?

How to take good care of your feet when at the beach?

23 April 2023

You're at the beach with your toes outstretched, and it's the first time in the year that your feet see the sun and feel the caress of the wind. It is also one of the few occasions when you can go barefoot through the sand, but watch out for its heat, roughness, and even tiny…

Image de :Pool chlorine and feet

Pool chlorine and feet

16 April 2023

With the arrival of warm weather and sunshine, the thought of swimming in a pool is quite appealing. Even if the water's coolness is very tempting, it is important to take into account the chemicals added to clean it. Many pools utilize chlorine, which can have negative effects on the skin. Here, we will examine…

Image de :Sever’s disease: what shoes should you wear?

Sever’s disease: what shoes should you wear?

2 April 2023

Sever's disease, despite its name, is not a disease. It is a growth abnormality that commonly affects children and adolescents. It is a  period of life when physical changes and growth can be challenging to manage, leading to unpleasant or at least uncomfortable maturation. Although not life-threatening, this pathology is still burdensome. Fortunately, there are…

Image de :Remedies for swollen feet

Remedies for swollen feet

19 March 2023

Swollen feet are a common and usually harmless occurrence. Common reasons for swollen feet include certain medications, health issues, heat, and prolonged standing. However, there may be other factors for swollen feet. What causes swollen feet? Whether or not swollen feet are visible to the naked eye, they are typically noticed due to their discomfort.…

Image de :Humidity’s impact on the feet

Humidity’s impact on the feet

12 March 2023

Everyone has sweaty feet at some point in life, whether due to perspiration in hot weather, during physical activity, following a shower if they are not dried thoroughly, etc. The effects of wetness on this area of the body can cause some rather uncomfortable issues, although it can initially seem harmless. Below, we will go…

Image de :Causes of a foot cramp

Causes of a foot cramp

5 March 2023

A cramp is an unexpected, sudden muscle contraction caused by the nerves' action. Foot cramps can sometimes linger for a very long time and be very painful, as they are frequently associated with pathologies. Cramping can have a variety of causes, and some demographic groups are more susceptible than others. Causes of foot cramps: the…

Image de :Tips for playing soccer without injuring your feet

Tips for playing soccer without injuring your feet

12 February 2023

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and literally enlivens the crowds since it is accessible to all, simple to comprehend, and easy to play. It can, however, also be the source of some problems, especially at the level of the lower limbs, despite being beneficial for the body and the spirit. In…

Image de :Diabetic foot: should we wear adaptive shoes?

Diabetic foot: should we wear adaptive shoes?

15 January 2023

This condition affects people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes and is caused by peripheral neuropathy, which is a loss of sensitivity in the feet when the nerves are affected. This may result in the plantar tissue being destroyed or developing ulcers. This is known as diabetic foot. In order to prevent significant issues…

Image de :Freiberg’s disease: should you wear foot orthoses?

Freiberg’s disease: should you wear foot orthoses?

8 January 2023

Freiberg's disease is characterized by bone tissue deterioration at the top of one or more metatarsals of the foot. It primarily affects teenagers, especially young females, and needs to be treated as soon as possible to be cured and prevent severe repercussions in adulthood. Wearing foot orthoses is recommended above other potential treatments for Freiberg's…

Image de :Freiberg’s disease : symptoms and treatments

Freiberg’s disease : symptoms and treatments

1 January 2023

Most often affecting teenagers throughout their growing phase, Freiberg's disease is distinguished by the necrosis of bone tissue in one or more metatarsals of the foot. In order to effectively treat this painful plantar pathology, it must be identified and treated as soon as possible. Let us examine Freiberg's disease, its symptoms, and possible treatments…

Image de :Prevent cysts under the foot

Prevent cysts under the foot

11 December 2022

A cyst is a cavity containing a clear, viscous fluid that forms on tissues or organs. Under the foot, synovial cysts and epidermoid cysts are the two main types of cysts. The first one, which is more common, is in the joints. It is often benign and self-limiting, but if there is any pain or…

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