How well do you know your child’s foot?

Updated on 25 March 2023

How well do you know your child’s foot?

Is your child’s foot appearing to be deformed? Are they on tiptoes or heels when walking? For young children and their parents, taking their first steps and learning to walk are significant milestones. If you detect something unusual, do not worry or panic; instead, address the issue as soon as possible. Identifying problems in your child’s foot gives them the best chance of being cared for, developing correctly, and going forward in life with a great stride.

Even a thorough examination will not reveal all about a young child’s feet

Seeing as a child’s body continuously changes as they grow, it is not always clear whether or not there is an issue, particularly regarding the feet. Parents need to pay attention to their children’s gait, foot form, and general spatial movement. It is equally as important to spot flaws in your child’s feet and educate them on communicating what their body feels.

If your child appears to be in pain when moving about (bent legs, walking on tiptoes, walking on heels, etc.) or has a deformed foot (flat feet, etc.), you should act quickly and seek expert help.

A podiatrist for children can be consulted as early as three years old. They will be able to undertake a thorough examination and, if necessary, come up with methods to fix the problem, such as having the child wear foot orthotics to rectify a deformed foot, for example. The sooner an issue is detected and treated, the more likely it is to be fixed, ensuring that your child’s feet and the rest of the body are adequately taken care of.

Family podiatrists are just as important as family doctors

While your family doctor is especially vital for monitoring your and your loved ones’ health, they function on a more general level, able to diagnose and treat a wide range of illnesses. However, when a problem is particular, it is essential to consult a knowledgeable specialist about the issue and the body part in question.

The podiatrist, whose specialty is plantar afflictions and illnesses, is just the right person for the job (examination, diagnosis, prescription of surgical and orthopedic treatment, clinical follow-up). The podiatrist with a degree in podiatric medicine will mainly address foot problems and treat ailments of the ankle and adjacent leg tissues. Therefore, they have all the right tools and expertise to spot healthy foot indicators and flaws in your child’s foot.

A happy child is a child who runs.

What is one of a child’s favourite pastimes? They run, jump, and laugh with their friends without worrying about anything.

What is one of the most rewarding aspects of becoming a parent? To watch their child grow happy and healthy.

A child has to be active, play, and move about freely. One who has a deformed foot, for example, will not be able to run or play like other children at daycare, in the schoolyard, or at the park. It is critical to take the time to examine your children’s feet and gait to encourage them to express themselves on the matter, while teaching them to be more aware of their bodies. Such steps will avoid this type of discomfort.

Recognize your child’s foot problems so you can better assist them in moving forward

Almost everything happens during growth. Keeping an eye on your child’s feet can help you spot and manage issues before they become too severe. It is also a way for your child to continue to grow while still enjoying childhood fun.

Do you have any concerns or doubts regarding your child’s plantar health? Make an appointment with one of FootNetwork’s podiatrists for a thorough evaluation.

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