How to get your feet ready for the winter?

Updated on 25 March 2023

How to get your feet ready for the winter?

How do you get your feet ready for the winter? When the winter weather approaches, this becomes a common question people ask themselves. Even as temperatures drop, it is easy to forget about your feet; because they are less visible, we are less concerned about their condition. However, it is equally necessary to look after them in order to avoid frostbite, dryness, and painful cracks. Let us take a look at how to get your feet ready for the winter.

Choosing the appropriate winter socks and putting on appropriate winter footwear

In the winter, our Quebec climate poses significant challenges to the health of our feet. To withstand the cold while preventing excessive foot perspiration, we must, therefore, wear warm footwear. If you spend a lot of time outside in the winter or engage in strenuous activities like shoveling, sports, or playing with kids, the quality of your winter socks should not be overlooked. If you do not wear quality winter socks, even the best and most costly winter boots will not adequately protect your feet from the winter cold. In fact, proper winter socks are a decent winter boot‘s bestfriend when it comes to keeping your feet warm, dry, and frost-free. Thin cotton or bamboo socks with a wool, fleece, or similar synthetic material over them are recommended in cold weather. The reason for proposing this pairing is that the thin sock absorbs moisture from the foot, while the other type of socks retain their insulating capabilities even if they become wet (due to excessive foot sweat). Next, a comfortable, well-insulated winter boot will keep your feet warm in the winter, even in the lowest temperatures, maximizing the protection given by your winter socks. If possible, bring your winter socks with you when you go shopping for boots so you can get the perfect fit when you try them on.

Also, consider your winter socks in terms of the sport you participate in. Thick socks, for example, will cushion your feet nicely if you do a lot of trekking. Downhill skiers should also invest in sport-specific socks, which are taller and thicker around the shins. Do not be afraid to seek assistance from a podiatrist or your local sporting goods store.

Keep your feet moisturized on a regular basis

How good do your feet feel under winter socks now that they are warm no matter what you are doing in the winter? Our skin suffers from the cold and our heating systems, and our feet are no exception. Remember to use a lotion designed specifically for dry feet and damaged heels to hydrate your feet. Put on cotton socks after treating your feet with moisturizer if you are doing this before bed. When you remove the socks in the morning, your feet will feel soft and smooth. Why is it so important to keep your feet moisturized in the winter? For starters, well-moisturized feet are more resistant to frostbite and freezing temperatures. Walking with cracked heels, on the other hand, may be extremely inconvenient, if not painful.

Other winter foot care 

A foot soak, massage, and exfoliation all help to keep your feet warm while also being quite relaxing. Do not deny yourself these small pleasures that will benefit both you and your feet. Do you not have access to a foot bath? No problem: a basin or a sufficiently sized container will do. Soak your feet for around 20 minutes in Epsom salts or your favorite bath salts to soften the skin. Massage your feet from the tips of your toes to your ankles while you are at it. The action of the bath salts and your massage will help eliminate dead skin, in addition to being quite calming. If your feet are in too bad a shape to be revived by a simple foot bath, see a podiatrist for the right treatment.

The podiatrist is your feet’s ally in the winter

Your feet are vital and, especially in the winter, need to be nurtured. We have seen how important it is to wear appropriate socks and boots and take care of your feet. If you have more significant problems with your feet, visit a podiatrist without delay. Our foot care specialists at FootNetwork are ready to assist your feet in facing the hardships of winter, in style. Make an appointment at a clinic near you today.

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