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5 foot-strengthening exercises

Updated on 18 June 2024

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Why do you need to do five exercises to strengthen your feet? Because we’ve all been affected by the pandemic’s limits and confinement in one way or another. Our feet have been significantly less active as a result of working from home and not commuting anymore, gym closures, and the inability to play sports even in small groups. Keep reading to learn 5 foot-strengthening exercises that have been resting for too long and need to get active again!

Softening the foot’s arch

The flat band of tissue (ligament) that links the heel bone to the toes is known as the plantar fascia. It helps to support the foot’s arch. Your weaker plantar fascia may bulge and become uncomfortable and inflamed if you put too much pressure on it. As a result, you will experience pain in your heel or sole of your foot if you stand or walk on it.

You should first make your feet more flexible before beginning foot strengthening activities. For starters, place your feet flat on the floor and sit on a chair. Raise your left leg off the floor and use your big toe to make a clockwise circle in the air for about 20 seconds; repeat three times. Reverse the direction and repeat another 3 times, this time counterclockwise, for 20 seconds each. Change the foot and repeat the exercise.

Relaxation of the plantar fascia

The plantar fascia stretch is one of the exercises for strengthening the foot. Face a wall and position your heel as near to the wall as possible on the floor. Press your toes against the wall so that your foot is at a 45-degree angle. Lean forward and keep your other foot firmly planted on the floor. Hold this position for around 30 seconds before releasing; you should feel a non-painful tightness in your calf and arch. Do this exercise 2 to 3 times a day, repeating for each foot.

Balance as foot strengthening exercise

Keeping your balance is a great way to strengthen your calves and ankles, as well as your feet. This easy workout can help you strengthen your feet and, as a result, your balance. For stability, all you need is a chair or a wall to lean on.

Stand on one leg and attempt to balance. If you’re feeling shaky, lean on a chair until you’ve gained enough strength to no longer require its assistance. Hold this pose for as long as you can, increasing the time as you get better at it. Repeat it with the opposite leg. Perform 3 reps of 20 seconds for each foot 5 times.

Toe flexion as foot strengthening exercise

To improve toe mobility, try picking up things with your toes, such as a pencil or marbles of various sizes. You may also try picking up a towel from the floor with your toes. Place a towel flat on the floor and place your foot on it so that it is about 4 inches from the edge. Pinch the cloth between your toes and draw it toward your body. Push the towel back with your toes after dragging it toward you. Do around 10 repetitions for each foot.

Foot massage

Let’s wrap things up with the most delightful foot strengthening exercise. Roll a tennis ball, a full water bottle, or a roller from heel to toe beneath your foot. Place the ball beneath your middle toe and roll it slowly and softly toward the toes and heel, starting with each toe one at a time and applying some pressure. This exercise should be done for 3 to 5 minutes with each foot.

PiedRéseau podiatrists are here to help you strengthen the muscles of your feet

PiedRéseau podiatrists are here to help you strengthen the muscles of your feet.

It is possible to perform all of the foot strengthening exercises at any time and without the need for any specific equipment. Remember, if your pain worsens, you should stop doing the exercises and see a podiatrist. Speak with a podiatrist at PiedRéseau for additional information on plantar fasciitis or other foot strengthening activities.

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