How to take care of your feet during pregnancy?

Updated on 25 March 2023

How to take care of your feet during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is typically described as a unique and magical moment in a woman’s life, but it also comes with several discomforts and pains. For instance, the feet are a highly sensitive region of the body, making them more prone to pain and discomfort. However, if the causes are properly identified, the pain can be treated. As a result, we can take good care of our feet.

Here are some suggestions for caring for your feet when you’re pregnant.

The importance of looking after your feet during pregnancy

It’s critical to look after your feet while you’re pregnant. During the nine months, your centre of gravity moves as your baby’s body grows, placing extra strain on your knees, ankles, and feet. Your feet and legs will enlarge as a result of this imbalance, weight growth, and water retention.

Furthermore, relaxin, a hormone released into the bloodstream to stretch the ligaments of the pelvis, has an impact on all your ligaments. As a result, the arches of the feet frequently collapse, putting a lot of strain on the joints, tendons, and ligaments of the feet and lower limbs. Pain in the heels, arches, and beneath the palms of the feet might result from this added tension. It is also possible that stress will exacerbate existing disorders like hammertoes or bunions. While many of these side effects are typical among pregnant women, many of them may also be avoided or even treated.

What to avoid when taking care of your feet during pregnancy?

By eliminating certain practices, you may take better care of your feet during pregnancy and save yourself pain. For example, when pregnant women’s feet swell, it becomes increasingly difficult to fit into your favourite shoes, sandals, or boots. Ingrown toenails and skin irritation can occur if you strain your feet into shoes that are too small. It’s also not a good idea to wear clothes that are too tight or composed of hard fabrics. Instead, opt for loose, flowing clothes that allow for greater blood circulation, especially around the waist and legs.

You should also avoid standing for extended amounts of time to allow your feet to recover, as well as sitting for long lengths of time, since this can cause muscular cramps. To keep your feet from becoming too tired, avoid moving heavy things. This can also help to relieve tension on your feet, allowing you to stay in better shape throughout your pregnancy.

How to take care of your feet during pregnancy?  

You may try some highly efficient techniques to care for your feet while you’re pregnant. Place your feet and legs in an elevated posture using a cushion or pillow when you’re sleeping. Then, when you’re feeling up to it, try some gentle activity like prenatal yoga, walking, or swimming.

Keep in mind that your shoe size may fluctuate over time. It’s essential to adjust your shoes to your feet’s needs throughout pregnancy if you want to take excellent care of them. Select shoes that are not just comfier but also adaptable. Leather and other soft, elastic materials can adapt to the changes in your feet. Additionally, keep your feet hydrated by drinking lots of water to prevent leg pain and applying a moisturizer to keep them supple. You will notice a significant reduction in your pain if you follow these suggestions.

FootNetwork: podiatrists who understand how to care for your feet during pregnancy

Taking care of your feet during pregnancy is crucial for all expecting women, since your feet are under a lot of stress and can cause pain in your lower limbs and feet.

There are, however, certain lifestyle adjustments you may do to improve blood flow and relieve discomfort. Contact a podiatrist if you are suffering foot issues or discomfort throughout your pregnancy or after childbirth. FootNetwork’s podiatry clinics are available throughout Quebec and treat Quebecers regardless of their location. Make an appointment at a FootNetwork clinic near you now.

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