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What’s the best way to trim my nails?

Updated on 24 May 2024

Image de :What’s the best way to trim my nails?

Cutting your toenails is part of your personal hygiene that you should not take lightly, especially if you have thick or very curved nails. Improper technique could trigger the appearance of ingrown toenails, a very painful condition, or cause various injuries.

Do you want to learn the best way to trim your toenails? Just follow our tips!

Choose the right tool

Nail clippers and manicure scissors can be used to trim your toenails. Clippers allow you to obtain a cutting force adapted to the thickness of the toenails, while manicure scissors will offer better control in tracing the cutting edge. However, as its name suggests, manicure scissors are better suited for trimming fingernails. That’s why you may find it more difficult to cut your toenails with scissors.

When selecting toenail clippers, choose a model with a straight edge and large format adapted for your toenails.

Remember that it is not recommended to use other types of cutters on your toenails, such as knives, standard scissors or razor blades. These could easily result in injury to your toes.

Steps to follow to trim your toenails properly

1 – Wash your feet

To make it easier to trim your toenails, wash and soak your feet in water for several minutes. This will soften the nails and make it easier to trim them.

It is possible to cut your toenails when they are damp, especially if your nails tend to be brittle. However, if you prefer to have greater cutting control, wait until they are completely dry.

2- Trim your toenails by following their natural shape

Squared, rounded, curved … there are many different types of nail clippers on the market! No matter which style you choose, remember to always follow the natural shape of your toenails. The center of your nail should be trimmed short, while the corners should match equally with the skin of your toe. If you can’t touch the corners of your nails after cutting them, it is because they were cut too short. In addition, to avoid injury or irregular growth, avoid any pulling on your toenails.

Do you have an ingrown toenail that needs trimming? It is suggested to opt for a slight bevel cut or for a simple cut. Be careful and never pull on a part that remains attached to your nail. You risk creating a nail spur that will get stuck in your skin and aggravate your situation. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, you can consult a podiatrist. Various surgical procedures are even available in the clinic to eliminate an ingrown toenail.

3- File your nails after trimming

Once you have trimmed your toenails, all you have to do is touch them up with a nail file. This will provide a smooth finish and soften the tips of your nails that may have become rough and scratchy after trimming. By doing this you will promote regular nail growth!

If desired, you can then apply a nail cream or moisturizer. Always remember that taking the time to trim your toenails correctly is an integral part of the health of your feet.

Are you concerned about the health of your feet or your toenails? Contact your podiatrist for assistance!

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