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Our podiatric and surgery clinic of the foot in Dollard-des-Ormeaux

Dr. Louana Ibrahim, podiatrist, founded Clinique podiatrique de l’Avenir 20 years ago. An integrated and modern clinic offering complete foot care. A team of professional podiatrists is at your disposal and available to meet your needs, identify the cause of your problem and offer you a treatment plan adapted and rigorous. Our team of nursing assistants in foot care is available to take care of your needs for hygiene and maintenance of your feet. All our procedures are performed with sterile instruments. The clinic is a professional, clean and welcoming place. Come meet us to take a first step to an optimal health of your feet.


Efficient plantar orthotics

Our custom orthotics are manufactured after careful examination by our podiatrists. The evaluation of your feet is done in several stages:

  • First, your podiatrist will evaluate the disorder of your foot via an evaluation of your medical history as well as your podiatric history.
  • This will be followed by an evaluation of your gait and your foot in a static standing position.
  • In addition, the podiatrist will identify the pathological joint movements of your feet.
  • Then a podiatric diagnostic will be set and a plan of treatment will be planned.

The whole thing ends with a 100% custom molding of your foot in the ideal position that give your feet an optimal functioning. The podiatric orthotics that will be given to you will fit to your foot perfectly and the treatment will be optimal. Knows that the expertise that differentiates a podiatrist from other professionals for orthotic treatment is his ability to assess your foot and make a detailed prescription of an orthosis adapted to your situation.

Biomechanical exam

Comprehensive biomechanical examinations are carried out in a podiatric clinic in order to make an accurate diagnosis of your condition. It is thus possible to establish the best possible treatment plan. During your visit, podiatric doctors who provide advanced expertise will evaluate you.   A complete examination done in a podiatric clinic includes:

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Digital radiography of the feet

radiographies numérique des pieds

Digital radiography of the feet Digital radiography of the feet is performed at a clinic. This technique creates a medical image using X-rays to view the foot’s bone and joint structure. With just one visit, digital imaging allows the podiatrist to make a rapid and accurate diagnosis of any issues affecting the feet. What digital […]

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Evaluating Children’s Feet

Evaluating children’s feet Children’s bone structure remains malleable until the growth process is complete. Having your children’s feet evaluated by a competent foot care professional will ensure proper management of any foot pathology that may worsen over the years. Thus, when taken care of early enough, it is possible to improve your child’s postural development […]

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Foot Care

soin des pieds ongle, cor callosité

A podiatrist can offer you a wide range of treatments for the care of your feet. The podiatrist’s team can propose several basic treatments, from trimming thick, healthy, discolored or painful nails, to the treatment of corns and calluses.

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Ingrown Toenail Treatment

Ingrown toenails are a common condition that, if not properly treated, can be very disabling over the long term. If you think you have an ingrown toenail, speak with a podiatrist as soon as possible. Ingrown toenails are usually located at the extremity of the nail, and can be present on any toenail. An inappropriate […]

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Laser treatment for nails

traitement laser ongle mycose champignon onychomycose

Laser treatment for nails Laser treatment is used to destroy onychomycosis located under toenails. Onychomycosis toenail infection, commonly called toenail fungus, is an infection that is very difficult to treat with topical antifungal products. Given its nature, the toenail does not allow other treatments to reach the fungus hiding under it, unlike laser treatment, which […]

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Manual Therapy

Podiatrists are trained to perform foot mobilizations. They are able to perform an articular evaluation of your feet as well as any symptoms felt. Following this evaluation, the podiatrist designs a personalized treatment plan to improve the articular architecture of your feet.

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Plantar wart treatment

Traitement de verrues plantaires

See all treatments Plantar wart treatment has evolved considerably over the years. Nowadays it is possible to remove them with a variety of treatments, even with laser treatments. Removal normally requires 1 or 2 treatment sessions, depending on the severity of the case. Find out how your podiatrist can provide treatment for your plantar warts. […]

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Dre Louana Ibrahim

1998-1999: Résidence post-doctorale au Coney Island Hospital – New York- E.U.


1994-1998: Obtention du Doctorat en médecine podiatrique du New-York College of Podiatric Medicine (NYCPM)- New York-E.U.


1991-1994: Obtention d’un Baccalauréat en Sciences Microbiologiques de l’Université de Montréal


2007-2015: Syndic de L’Ordre des Podiatres du Québec Montréal- QC- Canada


2007-2009: Clinicienne à L’Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières


2015: Certificat en échographie diagnostique sur le pied et la cheville – Ordre des podiatres du Québec

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