Drummondville podiatry clinic

As a doctoral student in podiatric medicine in 2010, Dr. Caroline Descôteaux, Podiatrist, began her practise in Quebec City before acquiring the Drummondville clinic.

Dr. Marc-André Héroux, Podiatrist, trained in podiatry and microbiology, which allows him to analyze the anatomy, physiology and pathologies of your foot. This ensures you benefit from the best diagnosis possible.

The newest addition to the Drummondville clinic is Dr. Jany-Ève Allard, a podiatrist. She rounds out the trio and uses her knowledge of podiatry medicine to care for you in the most effective way. You can rely on the best possible follow-up to alleviate your foot problems and get back to your daily life.


Drummondville podiatry clinic

350 Rue Saint-Jean #140, Drummondville, QC J2B 5L4

1-888 299-7312 toll free

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A personalized approach and a dedicated team


The Clinique podiatrique de Drummondville welcomes you to its professional, friendly and caring environment. And we treat you as we would a member of our own family.

The dedication of podiatrists Caroline Descôteaux and Marc-André Héroux allows you to alleviate your foot pain in the most effective way possible. These professionals also know how to explain your condition in a straightforward way so that you can easily understand.

A highly specialized team

Dre Caroline Descôteaux, podiatre

Dr. Caroline Descôteau podiatrist

Dr Marc-André Héroux, podiatre

Dr. Marc-André Héroux podiatrist

Dre Jany-Ève Allard, podiatre

Dr. Jany-Ève Allard podiatrist

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Dr. Jany-Ève Allard podiatrist

Holding a doctorate in podiatric medicine from the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières (UQTR), podiatrist Dr. Jany-Ève Allard employs her expertise to treat the people of Drummondville. She has returned to her hometown as a podiatric professional and joined the Drummondville podiatry clinic shortly after her graduation in June 2018.

An active podiatrist dedicated to her patients

Passionate, rigorous and dedicated, podiatrist Dr. Jany-Ève Allard relies on the most comprehensive training to treat various foot pathologies. Like many of her fellow professional podiatrists, she has completed an externship in podiatry at the renowned New York College of Podiatric Medicine. 

Jany-Ève Allard, DPM, developed several areas of interest in her practice throughout her education. She is particularly interested in foot dermatology, more specifically in the context of diabetic wound care. As a former figure skater and very active person herself, she also enjoys applying her practice to sport-related cases. 

Naturally, podiatrist Dr. Allard is also responsible for treating a multitude of other patient types. In particular, she cares for many elderly people in the city of Drummondville and has the necessary expertise to meet the needs of all sorts of clients. 

Involved in many projects

Podiatrist Jany-Ève Allard is a person brimming with energy. Her mind is full of projects to improve her practice and make a difference in her community. Among these projects is an upcoming master’s degree in research, which would allow her to push her knowledge to new heights. 

In addition, Dr. Allard also aspires to become either a teacher or a lecturer at UQTR in order to transmit her passion to the next generation of podiatrists. Until then, this tireless professional will continue to perfect her practice all while getting involved in sporting events like the Tremblant half-marathon. 

Passionate and dedicated, podiatrist Dr. Jany-Ève Allard is an invaluable ally when it comes to treating your podiatric problems in Drummondville and the surrounding area.



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