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Foot ultrasound, sports podiatry, foot care… Whatever your needs, our podiatrist, Dr. Elie Jr. Georges, is there to respond. An excellent communicator, Dr. Georges uses a lot of visual aids to clearly explain your condition and the solutions that are necessary.

He also collaborates with many professionals to ensure you receive optimal and effective treatment.

PiedRéseau Sainte-Dorothée

3A Boulevard Samson, Laval, Qc, H7X 3S5

1-888 888-0470 Toll free

Business hours
Monday : 9:00 - 20:00
Tuesday : 9:00 - 17:00
Wednesday : 9:00 - 20:00
Thursday : 9:00 - 17:00
Friday : 9:00 - 17:00
Sunday : 9:30 - 15:00

A modern multidisciplinary podiatric clinic

The Clinique podiatrique Sainte-Dorothée caters to the needs of all Laval residents by offering multidisciplinary podiatric care, thanks to its state-of-the-art equipment.

Located on the ground floor of a medical centre housing a host of health care professionals, the Sainte-Dorothée clinic provides you with the best possible follow-up and can refer you to many other practitioners to meet your needs (family doctors, specialists, physiotherapists, kinesiologists, pharmacists, prosthetists, etc.).

With its bright and accessible environment, the Sainte-Dorothée clinic welcomes you in a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Dr Elie junior

Dr. Elie Jr. Georges podiatrist-owner

Dr. Lior Soudry podiatrist

Dr. Pauly Tang podiatrist

Dr. Elie Jr. Georges podiatrist-owner

Podiatrist Dr. Elie Jr. Georges has recently graduated from the UQTR degree in podiatric medicine in 2018. The ambitious young practitioner has made his mark on the profession by working at various different institutions, before founding his own – the Sainte-Dorothée Podiatric Clinic. He took care of patients in Anjou and LaSalle prior to going into business.


Important practical training

Dr. Georges, podiatrist, has taken every chance to further his abilities with a degree in podiatric medicine from UQTR.

For example, he had undertaken many clinical internships in hospitals in order to improve his practical abilities in wound care and minor foot surgery.

Elie Jr. Georges, DPM, has extra kinesiology training, especially interested in the different elements of human health that he addresses. This specialty offers a more complete picture of musculoskeletal pain and foot-related postural abnormalities.

He has also been licensed to do foot ultrasound, which permits him to perform ultrasound-guided injections, always readily available to fulfill patients’ demands.


A podiatrist who thrives of communication

Dr. Georges, podiatrist, appreciates the need for outreach in his career as a great communicator. Therefore, he was often asked, as a student, to serve as a leader in education in diabetic foot.

The podiatrist Elie Jr. Georges is involved and present and has put everything in place to support his patients at different phases of their rehabilitation.


Responsible for Personal Information / Privacy: Élie-Junior Georges 450-969-5555

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