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The Mascouche podiatry clinic is located on Montée Masson in Mascouche, offering the region’s residents a complete and personalized foot treatment service. It is the ideal place to receive sound advice from professional podiatrists who are eager to help you get back to your best. 

The team at the Mascouche clinic combines both expertise and interpersonal skills to treat your foot, back, knee, or ankle pain, regardless of your age or condition. In practice, the clinic’s staff makes use of the most advanced technology to guarantee an effective treatment: 2D/3D digital scanners, eco-friendly plantar orthoses, therapeutic laser, foot ultrasound imaging, and manual foot therapy.

Enjoy a warm atmosphere, customized treatments, and a team that is there to help you recover your daily quality of life.

PiedRéseau Mascouche

402 Montée Masson, Suite 1, Mascouche, QC, Canada J7K 2L5

1-888 821-0219 toll free

Business hours
Mon: 9:00 to 5:00
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Wed: 9:00 to 5:00
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Fri: 9:00 to 4:00

Three dedicated podiatrists that perfectly complement each other

Podiatrist Dr. Tania André – owner of the Mascouche podiatry clinic, specializes in manual foot therapy and the treatment of biomechanical pain. Her very modern approach to podiatry allows Dr. André to treat any type of patient and condition. 

Joining her is podiatrist Dr. Élisabeth Provencher, who enriches the team with her enthusiasm and expertise. It is worth mentioning that she has a foot ultrasound certificate, allowing her to greatly refine the scope of her therapeutic interventions. 

Last but not least, the Mascouche clinic also enjoys the versatility of podiatrist Dr. Véronique Plante-Quevillon. Specializing in the treatment of athletes, wound care, and radiology among others, she perfectly complements the podiatrist trio. Give these professionals a call to help you get back on your feet.

Our team

Dre Tania André, Podiatre propriétaire

Dr. Tania André podiatrist

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Dr. Élisabeth Provencher podiatrist

Dr. Véronique Plante-Quevillon podiatrist

Dre Kimberly Fortin, podiatre

Dr. Kimberly Fortin podiatrist

Dr. Tania André podiatrist

Dr. Tania André has been a podiatrist since she completed her doctorate in podiatric medicine in 2011. She is both a practitioner and an entrepreneur, having acquired the PiedRéseau podiatry clinic in Mascouche the same year she graduated.

Regardless of the nature of their foot pain, patients who consult podiatrist Tania André will always benefit from her empathetic approach and her focus on effective long-term solutions.

A practice refined by postdoctoral training

With a keen interest in biomechanical disorders that hinder her patients’ movements, podiatrist Dr. André continually seeks out new improvement initiatives to better address these issues.

She holds a doctorate in podiatric medicine from UQTR and has also completed a multi-week externship at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine.

The patients treated by Tania André, DPM, constitute a spectrum of diverse needs, which is why she regularly expands her knowledge with additional training.

Several of her additional certifications focus on manual foot therapy:

  • Neuro-proprioceptive taping (therapeutic taping);
  • The active release technique;
  • Level 1 and 2 foot mobilisation technique;
  • The rearfoot and its clinical integration.

Podiatrist Dr. Tania André is very skilled in detecting and treating pain of biomechanical nature, and capable of intervening in many situations. She has all the necessary know-how to manage a variety of patients, including athletic adults, young children and the elderly.

A podiatrist on the lookout for technological advances in her field

In her everyday practice, podiatrist Dr. André makes good use of new technologies that allow her a better overview of her patients’ disorders. Her clientele benefits from her modern approach to podiatry, particularly when they must undergo a postural evaluation through imaging.

Podiatrist Dr. Tania André is both dynamic and passionate about her profession, adapting to each of her patients in order to offer them the most effective personalized treatment.



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