Skin treatments

Here is a list of the most frequently prescribed skin treatments by podiatrists. Podiatrists can also treat many other skins conditions that affect the feet. Call the foot clinic nearest you to see if it can help you with your specific problem.

Nail treatments(5) Pain management(19) Skin treatments(4)

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Treatment for excessive foot sweating

Excessive sweating is a symptom of hyperhidrosis, a medical disorder that affects the sweat glands. The soles of the feet have a high concentration of these glands, therefore they are more likely to be impacted by excessive perspiration. Although there are various home therapies for hyperhidrosis, a more serious problem will almost certainly necessitate expert…

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Treating frostbite on the feet and toes

Often linked to mountain climbing and other winter activities, frostbite can also occur in anyone exposed to the cold. Of course, most Quebecers naturally anticipate the onset of winter with some exasperation, but many have no clue about the extent of the damage frostbite can cause. The extremities of the body are particularly susceptible to…

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Foot care – Nails, corns and calluses treatment

Performed by a podiatrist, foot care includes many treatments and assessments aimed at preventing pain, reducing restrictions and promoting comfort. They can even be performed at home by a specialized caregiver. A versatile professional, the podiatrist uses a variety of treatments to the benefit of your feet: Physical treatments;. Pharmacological treatments;. Orthopedic treatments;. Surgical treatments.…

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Plantar wart treatment

This treatment allows you to: Treat plantar warts at home. Remove them painlessly. Multipurpose treatment. However: This type of treatment normally takes longer. Due diligence is required. Success rates are lower. Canthacur PS is not available over the counter and must be applied to the infected area by a podiatrist or doctor. This treatment allows…

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