Skin problems

Although not as specialized in skin problems as dermatologists, your podiatrist has the knowledge necessary to recognize skin ailments that may affect your feet, and can perform diagnostic procedures and prescribe topical treatments. Skin problems such as corns and calluses, plantar warts and skin cracks caused by psoriasis can be very painful and greatly limit your daily activities. Whatever the skin problem affecting your feet, your podiatrist will be able to help you to better understand and treat it.

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Plantar fissures

Plantar fissures appear mainly on the heel and forefoot. They occur as a result of pressure on the soles of the feet.  Thus, it is not altogether wrong to associate plantar fissures with other dermatological foot problems like corns and calluses.  Nevertheless, plantar fissures can be distinguished from these dermatoses, particularly by the locations where…

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Plantar warts

A plantar wart is a skin lesion that is caused by a viral infection. It can remain dormant for years or grow and spread quickly. This skin infection is also contagious for yourself and for those around you. These lesions are caused by the HPV or human papilloma virus. However, although it may be a…

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Corns, calluses and severe corns

Corns, calluses and severe corns are formations of dead flesh under the feet. They can be embarrassing for people when they walk or exercise. Often, people with delicate feet tend to suffer more. However, this foot problem is easily treated. It is common for an individual to develop skin problems. However, it is important to…

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