Custom plantar orthotics

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Custom plantar orthotics

For the treatment to be effective, plantar orthoses must be worn regularly. Highly adaptable, Cryos orthoses can be inserted into almost any type of footwear: sandals, high heels, walking and sports shoes, etc.

Plantar orthoses can be used to treat several types of problems:

  • Functional / biodynamic
  • Accommodative
  • Geriatric
  • Diabetic
  • to treat associated pathologies


Guides the foot without constraining it in order to restore the foot’s proper movement.


Made from a very durable plastic.


Unique design for an exceptional corrective capacity.


Custom fit to meet each patient’s specific needs.

Small size

Easily inserted into almost any type of shoe, Cryos orthoses can be worn more often for better results.


Offered in all types: shell, coated, full length, cushioned, very soft, very stiff, etc. Infinite design options.


Invisible, therefore very discrete.