Foot Treatments

Treatment for excessive foot sweating

Excessive sweating is a symptom of hyperhidrosis, a medical disorder that affects the sweat glands. The soles of the feet have a high concentration of these glands, therefore they are more likely to be impacted by excessive perspiration. Although there are various home therapies for hyperhidrosis, a more serious problem will almost certainly necessitate expert…

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Podopediatrics treatments

It can be difficult to distinguish between a problematic and a healthy foot in a growing child. Early detection, on the other hand, allows the podiatrist to react more quickly before the foot takes its final shape. As a result, the prescribed treatments can be more effective. This article will cover some of the podopediatric…

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Ultrasound guided injection

Ultrasound-guided injection can be used to deliver treatment directly to the affected area. It may contain an anti-inflammatory solution, similar to the cortisone injection in the foot. Ultrasound-guided injections, however, are more typically utilized to guide a medical practitioner during surgery on minor foot structures. This type of infiltration not only relieves pain in pathologies…

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Thick and malformed toenails

Toenails that become thick, hardened, misshapen, or even yellowed as a result of moisture or traumatic injury can affect anyone. To help with this type of inconvenience, several treatment options are available to the patient. If you're dealing with deformed nails, dystrophy, or onycholysis, podiatrists will help you get to the root of the issue.…

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ShockWave therapy

ShockWave therapy was first used to break up kidney stones. This therapeutic technology, however, has been adapted to other medicinal purposes as well. Nowadays, podiatrists use it in the clinic to treat difficult-to-repair musculoskeletal injuries.Acoustic waves are at the core of the ShockWave therapy. Through a sequence of high-speed shocks, it strengthens the body and…

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Therapeutic laser treatment

Minimally invasive and highly effective, the therapeutic laser is a modern treatment for foot pain. The laser treatment performed in the clinic relies on technology that thoroughly heals the damaged tissue through photobiomodulation. This method accelerates the body's natural healing process, similarly to ShockWave therapy. The therapeutic laser treatment provides relief from chronic pain, acute…

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Stress fracture in the foot

A stress fracture in the foot doesn't happen due to a single trauma, unlike a normal fracture. Instead, it occurs in response to multiple repeated small stresses to the same bone in the foot. While painful, this foot injury is particularly difficult to spot. Therefore, to avoid unintentionally aggravating it, it is important to know…

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Treatment of foot pain by the podiatrist

Foot pain can appear in many ways and cause many accompanying symptoms every day. Thanks to the high level of the podiatrist's expertise, however, you can count on treatment that is completely customized to your needs and condition. These professionals possess the latest technology to treat your pain quickly and accurately. It is the podiatrist's…

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Treatments for paronychia of the toe

Much like the ingrown nail, paronychia involves inflammation or infection of the cuticle of a toenail. The inflammation of the skin around the affected nail is often caused by the bacterium Candida albicans (candidiasis thrush). This results in a throbbing pain, redness and swelling of the affected toe. If left untreated, this condition can eventually…

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Ultrasound treatment

Ultrasound treatment is a highly popular tool among podiatrists and physiotherapists, and is a versatile therapeutic method. Ultrasound treatment is suitable not only for superficial foot injuries, but also for musculoskeletal conditions.  From tendonitis to chronic wounds and plantar fasciitis, this type of modern treatment makes it possible to tackle a wide range of painful…

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