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Lower back pain (lumbago)

Lower back pain (also known as lumbago) is becoming increasingly common. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes (NIH), roughly 4 out of 5 people will suffer low back pain at some point in their lives. It is also one of the world's major causes of stopping work. Low back discomfort affects…

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Heel bursitis

Heel bursitis (also known as calcaneal bursitis) is a painful disease that can make daily activities difficult. This foot condition arises when a bursa, a sac that secretes synovial fluid and serves to lubricate the joint between the bone and the tendon, becomes inflamed. Although heel bursitis is usually harmless, it is nonetheless painful and…

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Diabetic foot

Diabetic foot develops as a result of the neuropathy that comes with poorly managed diabetes. When blood sugar levels are excessively high for an extended length of time, it impairs a person's neurological system. The injury results in a lack of sensation in the lower limbs, among other things. Peripheral neuropathy is the medical term…

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Achilles tendinitis

Overuse of the tendon that links the calf muscle to the heel can lead to Achilles tendinitis. As a result, Achilles tendinopathy is a frequent issue among runners. This disease causes discomfort that rises at the start of activity and diminishes afterwards. Are you an athlete who regularly gets discomfort in the rear of the…

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Joint wear and tear

Joint wear and tear is commonly associated with aging, although it can also be caused by other factors. Joint degeneration is a complex process that can be impacted by a mix of reasons. However, when it comes to joint damage, a small set of pathologies account for the vast majority of instances recorded. Let's take…

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Heel panniculitis

Inflammation of the panniculus, a fatty layer under the epidermis, causes heel panniculitis, a dermatological disease. To treat both your heel and your skin, this inflammatory condition frequently necessitates the help of a podiatrist and a dermatologist. However, panniculitis can affect any fatty tissue in your body. This skin disease can be very uncomfortable and…

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Knock-knees (genu valgum)

Genu valgum, commonly known as knock-knees, are generally present from childhood. The varum knee, unlike the valgus knee, shows in youngsters as a cowboy-like outward deviation of the joint. The valgus knee, on the other hand, produces inward movement of the knees. If left untreated, this condition makes it difficult to move the legs and…

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Toenail trauma

Toenail trauma can result from a variety of causes, including a blow, a crush, or a foreign body. Even if toenail trauma is benign in the majority of cases, there is always the danger of lifelong abnormalities. It is advised that toenail trauma be treated as soon as possible to reduce the cosmetic hazards connected…

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Is there little or no curve in your foot arch? Do you get foot or joint discomfort when you stand? Flatfoot might be to blame for these problems. Flatfoot is the collapse of the arch of the foot, as the term implies. Flatfoot is most visible when standing or walking, and it can cause serious…

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Big toe osteoarthritis (Hallux rigidus)

Osteoarthritis of the big toe is a degenerative condition that causes joint hardening and a progressive loss of mobility, which may be quite painful. The most prevalent type of joint deterioration is osteoarthritis. The metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe is affected by hallux rigidus. If the big toe osteoarthritis is not treated, the front…

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