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Surgery for foot surface cysts

Some surface cysts located on the foot can be operated on directly at the clinic. This is especially the case in the case of the toe region, because the skin is thin and the cysts are easily accessible. Choosing PiedRéseau for your cyst surgery guarantees you: Pain-free treatment (performed under local anaesthesia). Quick access to…

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Surgery for stubborn plantar warts

Plantar wart surgery is done to remove plantar warts that are recurring or that do not respond to conventional treatments: This operation is performed under local anaesthesia.. Surgery is quick.. Pain may be felt from 1 to 3 weeks following the operation.. No care management is required during the healing process..

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Excision or surgery of soft tissue and foreign bodies

Soft tissue removal can be performed easily at the clinic. This operation can be performed on a nail, toes or the foot. Excision is often performed when a foreign body has become lodged in your foot (an object, glass, metal, wood, etc.) or a lesion requires complete removal and has become too large for a…

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Foot biopsy

This type of operation is performed when a lesion under the foot does not respond well to treatment or when a dermatological diagnosis is difficult to make. This procedure is performed on patients who have already tried various options to resolve their skin lesion, unsuccessfully. Biopsy surgery performed at your PiedRéseau clinic comes with the…

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Surgery for an ingrown toenail (or matricectomy)

An ingrown toenail is a very unpleasant foot condition that result from various causes. This section will help you assess the best treatment methods and discuss the advantages of surgery for an ingrown toenail. An ingrown nail (or onychocryptosis) can occur when a section of your nail penetrates the skin of the toe. This phenomenon…

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