Foot Treatments Pain management

Ultrasound guided injection

Ultrasound-guided injection can be used to deliver treatment directly to the affected area. It may contain an anti-inflammatory solution, similar to the cortisone injection in the foot. Ultrasound-guided injections, however, are more typically utilized to guide a medical practitioner during surgery on minor foot structures. This type of infiltration not only relieves pain in pathologies…

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Podopediatrics treatments

It can be difficult to distinguish between a problematic and a healthy foot in a growing child. Early detection, on the other hand, allows the podiatrist to react more quickly before the foot takes its final shape. As a result, the prescribed treatments can be more effective. This article will cover some of the podopediatric…

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ShockWave therapy

ShockWave therapy was first used to break up kidney stones. This therapeutic technology, however, has been adapted to other medicinal purposes as well. Nowadays, podiatrists use it in the clinic to treat difficult-to-repair musculoskeletal injuries.Acoustic waves are at the core of the ShockWave therapy. Through a sequence of high-speed shocks, it strengthens the body and…

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Therapeutic laser treatment

Minimally invasive and highly effective, the therapeutic laser is a modern treatment for foot pain. The laser treatment performed in the clinic relies on technology that thoroughly heals the damaged tissue through photobiomodulation. This method accelerates the body's natural healing process, similarly to ShockWave therapy. The therapeutic laser treatment provides relief from chronic pain, acute…

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Stress fracture in the foot

A stress fracture in the foot doesn't happen due to a single trauma, unlike a normal fracture. Instead, it occurs in response to multiple repeated small stresses to the same bone in the foot. While painful, this foot injury is particularly difficult to spot. Therefore, to avoid unintentionally aggravating it, it is important to know…

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Treatment of foot pain by the podiatrist

Foot pain can appear in many ways and cause many accompanying symptoms every day. Thanks to the high level of the podiatrist's expertise, however, you can count on treatment that is completely customized to your needs and condition. These professionals possess the latest technology to treat your pain quickly and accurately. It is the podiatrist's…

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2D and 3D digital imaging

Foot digitization consists of capturing the imprint of the feet using various devices to establish an accurate diagnosis. This technique is particularly useful when it comes to designing custom-made plantar orthotics.  2D impressions are taken using a podograph. A kind of pressure-sensitive cushion, a scan or a mirror, the podograph detects and shows a perfect…

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Partial or complete foot amputation

An amputation is a surgical procedure that removes a limb or part of a limb. It is usually employed when the affected limb is in danger of becoming seriously infected or poisoning the rest of the body. While it may seem drastic, this measure is a valid last resort. Let's see what can lead to…

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Orthopaedic shoes

Podiatrists sometimes prescribe orthopaedic shoes to treat plantar deformities and mechanical abnormalities of the foot and leg. These disorders can lead to musculoskeletal compensation and chronic pain if left untreated. See the situations in which orthopaedic shoes are prescribed and how they are made. The pathologies that can affect the feet are as many as…

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Therapeutic foot taping

Therapeutic taping consists of adhesive bandage that is strategically applied to specific areas in order to increase muscle tone or reduce pain associated with certain movements. Contrary to popular belief, therapeutic taping helps more than just for athletes. While its use is widespread among runners and tennis players, therapeutic taping is also suitable for the…

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