Postural evaluation with CryoVizion

Postural evaluation with CryoVizion

Postural evaluation is a valuable tool for a complete and accurate evaluation. This computer-assisted system analyzes the light reflected by the body in order to detect any anatomical variations indicative of various pathologies of the feet and the body, without the use of radiation, waves or any other processes that may be harmful to your health. CryoVizion allows the podiatrist to conduct a preliminary objective evaluation of the patient and follow their progress while being treated with plantar orthotics.

Why opt for postural imaging

Postural imaging makes it possible to:

  • Help establish an accurate diagnosis
  • Customize treatment for maximum benefit
  • Show the benefits of a treatment
  • Show how a plantar orthosis is helping your posture
  • Measure the feet in a qualitative and quantitative manner

What postural imaging helps to detect

Postural imaging is ideal for confirming what your podiatrist may have seen during the physical and walking examination, in addition to providing information about your posture that is invisible to the naked eye.

  • This treatment method thus makes it possible to detect:
  • Any misalignment of the spinal column
  • Asymmetry of the pelvis or overall body posture
  • Pelvic tilt
  • An uneven or longer leg
  • A knee inclined inward or outward

Steps included during a postural imaging session

  1. The patient enters an observation booth.
  2. Cameras capture and record the reflections of light projected onto the patient’s entire body.
  3. Detailed images of the body are displayed by the imaging system.
  4. The podiatrist analyzes these images with the patient so that they can clearly understand their condition.

Advantages of postural imaging

Choosing a postural evaluation includes several benefits:

  • Accurate and objective
  • Safe, because the system does not include any radiation
  • Immediate, real-time results
  • Streamlines the podiatrist’s analysis
  • Allows you to see the progress of your posture

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