What is a podiatrist?

Last update: 8 March 2017

A podiatrist is a health professional regulated by Quebec’s Code des professions du Québec (Quebec’s Code of professions), Loi sur la podiatrie (Quebec’s Law on podiatry) and Code de déontologie des podiatres (Quebec’s Podiatry Code of Ethics). Podiatrists evaluate and treat foot diseases and problems (other than systemic diseases) using medical, chemical, pharmaceutical, surgical, mechanical and manual treatment means. Podiatrists have the knowledge to discriminate between local and systemic foot ailments and complications, systemic problems being the responsibly of medical doctors. In addition to offering counsel on foot health and hygiene, podiatrists can prescribe certain medications, perform minor surgery, and prescribe, make and modify podiatric orthoses. For more information on foot ailments, please see the section on foot care.

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