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Having both graduated in podiatric medicine from UQTR, Emmanuelle Lamontagne and Ludovik Marsolais-Girard form a professional team that offers valuable expertise for your feet.

With the help of the Clinique Santé Podiatres, you can count on the appropriate follow-up, a courteous welcome and a treatment plan adapted to your specific situation.

Santé Podiatres

1200 street des Soeurs-du-Bon-Pasteur, Bureau 330, Québec, QC G1S 0B1

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A trusted clinic for the whole family

The Clinique Santé Podiatres de Québec has acquired a young and dynamic team that offers personalized treatments to all its patients. The podiatrists at the clinic provide you with a welcoming atmosphere, human contact, clear explanations of your situation and, above all, courteous and professional service.

Opened in 2016 in the Capitale-Nationale, Santé Podiatres is well known for its great accessibility. The high standards of the clinic’s staff allow patients of all ages and backgrounds to benefit from the best possible treatment for their condition.

All it takes is one call to start the healing process. The team of podiatrists Emmanuelle Lamontagne and Ludovik Marsolais-Girard are standing by to help ensure your welfare and comfort.  

Dre Emmanuelle Lamontagne, podiatre

Dr. Emmanuelle Lamontagne podiatrist

Dr. Ludovik Marsolais-Girard podiatrist

Dr. Emmanuelle Lamontagne podiatrist

Dr. Emmanuelle Lamontagne, podiatrist, graduated in 2014. Before launching the Santé Podiatres clinic in 2016, she had the opportunity to hone her talents in various clinics in the Quebec City region and the Laurentians.

This podiatrist is passionate about sports and the outdoors, and specializes in the treatment of sports injuries and biomechanics. She also uses her skills to help individuals of all ages who are suffering from foot pain.


Trained to deal with a wide variety of situations

Dr. Lamontagne, podiatrist, earned her Doctorate in podiatric medicine from the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières in order to diagnose and treat foot problems. The young professional was also able to do an internship at the famous New York College of Podiatric Medicine during her last year of school.

Dr. Lamontagne, podiatrist, is continuously on the lookout for new developments and ensures that her training is up to date.

She has undergone specific manual therapy training in the areas listed below:

  • Foot Mobilization Technique ;
  • The Integrated Therapeutic Foot Technique (ITFT);
  • The application of therapeutic taping.


 A podiatrist who is dedicated to her career and community

Podiatrist Emmanuelle Lamontagne wears her heart on her sleeve and is active in numerous causes at the same time.

She is a member of the Association des podiatres du Québec‘s board of directors and a volunteer podiatrist with the Podium program, which brings together persons who deal with podiatric injuries at sporting events. She also makes periodic trips to the Maison Lauberivière clinic.

The podiatrist is also pursuing an MBA in business management at Laval University, since she is curious and eager to take on new personal and professional challenges.

Dr. Emmanuelle Lamontagne, podiatrist, provides you with high-quality podiatric care delivered in a respectful and open manner.


Dr. Ludovik Marsolais-Girard podiatrist

Dr. Ludovik Marsolais Girard, a podiatrist who just joined the Santé Podiatres team, has more than 3 years of expertise in this field. He has the necessary abilities to intervene on plantar diseases of various natures, having previously practiced at facilities in Trois-Rivières and Laval.


A multidisciplinary education

Podiatrist Dr. Marsolais Girard has had an undergraduate degree in podiatric medicine from UQTR since 2016. The podiatrist completed a residency at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine throughout his academic training. Dr. Marsolais Girard, podiatrist, also attended an advanced wound care training course in Brussels.

The podiatrist is enrolled in the University of Sherbrooke’s advanced practice microprogram in wound care in order to further improve his skills.

He is qualified in foot ultrasound, which allows him to do specific tests and ultrasound-guided treatments in addition to his academic credentials. He’s also trained in the use of therapeutic taping.

Finally, the measures taken by podiatrist Dr. Marsolais Girard seeks to further expand the spectrum of therapeutic abilities currently available to him.


A podiatrist who volunteers his time

Dr. Marsolais Girard, podiatrist, was asked to provide podiatric care to an underprivileged community in Bolivia as part of his studies. He also volunteered at the Maison Lauberivière clinic, eager to give back to the community.

Dr. Ludovik Marsolais Girard, podiatrist, is meticulous in his treatment and understands how to build a trusting relationship with each of his patients.


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