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Les problèmes de l’avant-pied

14/03/2019 | Foot pain

Les problèmes de l’avant-pied (paume du pied) sont bien désagréables au quotidien. En plus des douleurs et des inflammations à la plante du pied (métatarsalgie), ces problématiques peuvent prendre diverses formes :   Une malformation osseuse …

Quelles sont les principales douleurs au genou ?

14/03/2019 | Foot pain

Les douleurs au genou, aussi appelées gonalgies, peuvent être bien gênantes au quotidien. En effet, le genou est une articulation indispensable dans pratiquement toutes nos actions. De plus, il s’agit d’une articulation complexe composée d’os, de ménisques, …

What are the most common forms of heel pain?

14/03/2019 | Foot pain

Heel pain (also called talalgia) is one of the most common foot problems that podiatrists treat on a daily basis. In fact, no one is entirely immune to suffering from some form of talalgia during their lifetime.   Affecting Quebecers of all ages and …

How do you choose the right running shoe? How do you choose the right running shoe?

01/11/2018 | Sport | Footwear

A good quality running shoe, one that absorbs impact and protects the feet comfortably: that's very important for runners. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced runner, it is essential to take the time to shop to find the right running shoes. …

How can orthotics help my bunions? How can orthotics help my bunions?

26/10/2018 | Orthopedy

Bunions, also called hallux valgus, appear in the form of a deformation of the big toe, often appearing as a bump. While a bunion may seem unimportant at first, it can become painful and a serious problem if appropriate measures are not taken quickly …

How do you choose a good steel cap shoe? How do you choose a good steel cap shoe?

19/10/2018 | Footwear

A steel cap shoe must adhere to various criteria in order to provide comfort and safety for the owner. As a work boot or protective shoe, the steel cap must perform properly. To do this, the person wearing them must ensure they understand the different …

How can we prevent nail fungus infection? How can we prevent nail fungus infection?

12/10/2018 | Dermatology

Nail fungus, also called onychomycosis, is a fungal infection of the toenail. It can affect one or more nails simultaneously, and affects approximately 6.5% of the Canadian population. Diabetics or people with a weaker immune system may be particularly …

When should I consult a podiatrist for my plantar wart? When should I consult a podiatrist for my plantar wart?

05/10/2018 | Dermatology

A plantar wart is very contagious and can become painful if not treated. That's why it is important to consult quickly to obtain the podiatry treatment best suited to your condition. Treating a plantar wart helps to prevent many undesirable symptoms …

How can we help baby take their first steps?

22/09/2018 | Orthopedy | Kids

Helping baby take their first steps is always an important process for parents. Your baby's first steps are an essential part of their development.   Babies normally start walking around their first anniversary (generally between 12-16 months). …

Why perform a foot ultrasound?

15/09/2018 | Orthopedy

A foot ultrasound is a medical imaging technique using ultrasound imagery on your feet. This method is frequently used by podiatrists to establish an accurate diagnosis for your feet and ankles. A foot ultrasound is painless, does not involve radiation, …

How do we treat an ingrown toenail at home?

08/09/2018 | Dermatology | Foot pain

Treating an ingrown nail at home is quite possible. And not treating it can cause consequences and increase your pain. That's why it's important to know a few tips to properly treat your ingrown toenail at home.   An ingrown toenail (also called …

What is a heel spur?

01/09/2018 | Orthopedy | Foot pain

A heel spur (also called a calcaneal spur) can be the source of many foot pains.   Although a heel spur may be benign and may not necessarily affect your daily routine, it is important to know how to detect it. In fact, this symptom can be …