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How to bandage the foot and when to use it

Foot bandage is typically applied to sprains. In order to lessen swelling brought on by the trauma entails immobilizing or restricting the movement of an injured area by wrapping it in an elastic bandage. Bandaging can be done at home by the injured person or in a clinic by a healthcare professional. Foot bandaging may…

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How to remove and avoid foot corns

Foot corns create a spiky sensation that penetrates the skin. If left untreated, they can develop in sensitive areas of the foot and become very bothersome. However, foot corns can be easily removed, and they can even be avoided. The thickening of the skin that results from repeated friction is known as a corn. The…

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How to treat a jellyfish sting to the foot?

Although it may seem surprising, jellyfish are growing more widespread, even in lakes and rivers (known as freshwater jellyfish). Therefore, it is crucial to understand what to do if a jellyfish stings your foot. Learn the symptoms of this injury and how to treat it in the article below. You are having a great time…

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How does cycling impact your feet?

People of different ages and physical abilities enjoy cycling as a recreational activity. While there are many positive health benefits associated with cycling, the activity is not without its drawbacks, particularly to the feet. Let us look at the various impacts and treatments for foot pain if you cycle as part of your workout routine.…

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The most common foot injuries in athletes.

Sports are known to help people maintain a healthy weight and increase their levels of endorphins, or "happy" hormones. But it is advisable to watch out for minor pains and injuries so you can treat them before they worsen. This article will go through some of the most common sports-related foot injuries and their respective…

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How to take good care of your feet when at the beach?

You're at the beach with your toes outstretched, and it's the first time in the year that your feet see the sun and feel the caress of the wind. It is also one of the few occasions when you can go barefoot through the sand, but watch out for its heat, roughness, and even tiny…

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Pool chlorine and its impacts on feet

With the arrival of warm weather and sunshine, the thought of swimming in a pool is quite appealing. Even if the water's coolness is very tempting, it is important to take into account the chemicals added to clean it. Many pools utilize chlorine, which can have negative effects on the skin. Here, we will examine…

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How to choose the right dance shoes?

Dancing is one of the most popular forms of recreation, and this physical expression brings together professional experts and nightclub aficionados alike. Dance is enjoyable, but we should not lose sight of the fact that, like any sport, it is much more pleasant to practice when you have the proper footwear. Here are some pointers…

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Sever’s disease: what shoes should you wear?

Sever's disease, despite its name, is not a disease. It is a growth abnormality that commonly affects children and adolescents. It is a  period of life when physical changes and growth can be challenging to manage, leading to unpleasant or at least uncomfortable maturation. Although not life-threatening, this pathology is still burdensome. Fortunately, there are…

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The impacts of basketball on the knees

Basketball is a very physically demanding sport that boosts leg muscle mass. It is beneficial to your health, but it must be done correctly, or it could cause complications. This practice places a lot of strain on the joints. In particular, the infamous "dunks" put the legs and knees to the test. To play basketball…

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